Bruce Parry in Sarawak

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. With the Penan tribe, don't think I've ever seen the bloke look so gutted about what was going on with a tribe and the demise of their way of life. He was dumbstruck when the tribal elders asked him how he could help as when they were ruled by the British they said they were well looked after.
    Cracking end to a good series.
  2. JD,
    with you. it was a really excellent watch. informative and quite moving too.
  3. I had the honour and privelidge to live amonst these people for just a week about 20 years ago. I was horrified how little of the Ulu was left, even then.

    One of the greatest gifts these people can give you is a story. Stories are treasured and lovingly handed down from one generation to the next.

    Most over 40 years old will know someone who acted as a tracker or a porter for the Brits during the Confrontation with Indonesia. I was lucky enough to share one or two of those stories. I was deeply humbled back then, today I feel like we have let them down completely.

    They are richer than many of us will ever know.

    .......most Brits don't even know people like that still exist :oops:

    Well done Bruce, may the spirit of the mountain live on!
  4. It was so bloody sad and I really felt that Bruce was so taken aback by the three who walked to ask him to help.

    At least he kept his promise and gave them a voice.

    Begs the question, who are we, the so-called civilised world, to impose our "values" on such people? I'll bet they don't have to deal with chavs and druggies.
  5. I'll 'amen' that sentiment.
    Over the young 'Bears' and the 'Ran Twisselton -Twats', Bruce does it for me in bringing the 'survival world' into perspective as to how we are living our lives and more especially, how they assisted us in time gone bye.
  6. The following is not my words but is taken from another person's report of earlier times :

    Now Nxxx called for silence and through the interpreter, announced that we were to stay at his longhouse as his honoured guests for as long as we wished and that if we needed any assistance, particularly in killing enemy, he and his people were at our command.
    Whilst we were all being introduced, including the wives and unmarried girls who had joined us by now, Nxxx slipped away. Suddenly there was a silence and the crowd parted to reveal Nxxx standing there resplendent in starched and pressed 'British' pea greens, the maroon strip in his epaulettes denoting his squadron. The only thing that looked strange was that his beret was the old pre 1957 # model. We clapped and applauded him which made him beam with delight before he returned to his accommodation to disrobe and carefully fold and pack away his pride and joy in his tin trunk.

    Before the politically correct tribe climb aboard me as a result of reading the above, let me assure readers that this is a seriously condensed version of Bxxx report and I risk failing to capture the essence of the moment. As Sub implies "Lest we forget"
  7. Lets put it this way, without their like we would have lost more men and had a harder time of it in Borneo. Well respected and remembered by those that served there.
  8. Thankfully, I recorded the last programme and hope to watch it this evening. It has been a fantastic series and I have a great deal of respect for Bruce Parry who comes over as a really genuine character.
    I totally agree with Petriburg, as there are many elements of our so-called western civilisation that I could do without. We could do a lot worse than adopt the family and loyalty values of many of the tribes featured in the series. The comparison between some of the people featured (particularly the sheer joy of life demonstrated by the African tribe) as opposed to the family that recently "starred" on the Jeremy Kyle show is shaming.
  9. I watched that episode, one of the few things on tv that was actually worth sitting down to watch. I think you can get the series on dvd.
  10. Anyone got a decent link to a video of the Opening Post?

    Tried searching but couldn't get anything worth watching.
  11. Excellent programme.

    W.H. Auden once wrote that “a culture is no better than its woods” - depressing that people who walk with such a light touch should pay the price for the greed of others.
  12. You can indeed. I have all 3 series on order from Amazon. I believe the release date has been put back to the beginning of October.
  13. Excellent programme, can't say enough
  14. I cracking finish to a cracking series. Its not often that local people have good thing to say about the British, and those guys really had a lot to say.

    Just hope that copies of this have been sent to anybody in power that can help. Well done Bruce.
  15. I only got to see a couple but I think the guy is a star. What's his background. My mates say he is ex forces which wouldn't suprise me in the least.