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Bruce Dickinson honorary Group Captain

Stand aside Carol, here comes Bruce congratulations sir :) Funnily enough it was about RAF sprouts and him wanting to represent the fencing team. Yes when he flew for Astreaus he brought home airmen back to Wittering (as opposed to going into Brize).in 08 from Cyprus. One of my best mates was Oc one of the wings at Witt and he greeted the man, got autograph and pic with him as he Like myself are Maiden fans since kids.

Probably got more flying hours than most service pilots... ;-)
What's the betting that he gets his veteran's card before I do?


@Raven2008 et al. Pardon my ignorance. Will he be wearing some sort of 'Wings' on his uniform?
@Raven2008 et al. Pardon my ignorance. Will he be wearing some sort of 'Wings' on his uniform?

The Air Force Board might choose to award him honorary wings. Churchill was awarded them on the grounds that he'd flown something like 35,000 miles in RAF aircraft and had taken the controls for various sectors (he didn't complete his flying training prior to World War One because Clementine banned him from doing so after his instructor was killed, but had the basic proficiency to handle an aircraft when airborne and with another pilot in the other seat to take over if required). As BD has flown service personnel back to the UK and is a fully qualified pilot, it wouldn't seem inappropriate.

Knowing at least one member of the AFB, they may also choose to award honorary wings to see the level of outrage it causes on Pprune...


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Bruce has got a way to go to catch up with this gentleman who was made an honorary Air Commodore in 615 Squadron....



ETA - damn - beaten to it by Archimedes.
An incredibly self effacing guy.

I fenced against him on a few occasions in and around the SE back in the 80's, very down to earth and good company.
Win some, lose some, he just enjoyed the sport and the fact that,he was treated as a sportsman, not a Heavy Metal Celeb !
Met him at St Athan once (he's got an aircraft salvage company and a commercial aircrew training company there) and can confirm that he's the nicest bloke you could possibly meet. Re wings - he's already got the pre-qualification criteria (ATPL/CPL) to be awarded the very rare Volunteer Reserve Pilot's Wings, which is normally awarded to civvy pilots and ex-VGS pilots flying as volunteers for AEF/UAS.
Not directly related to the thread but

It's well worth watching "Flight 666", which is available on youtube, following a Maiden world tour in where Bruce did much of the flying.

All the band come across as refreshingly normal blokes.

Someone imported into a sports team, for which they did not otherwise qualify and for reasons of introducing unfair advantage, used to be called a 'ringer'. It was an unethical, even illegal practice and its discovery would be a source of shame for the guilty team and for rightful condemnation by its sporting peers.

Yet here we have the Royal Air Force boasting of its behaviour.

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