Browsing HTTPS sites in theatre

Hi all,

I'm running OS X Lion on my MacBook in BSN at the moment on the free wifi, but I can't access any 'HTTPS' secure sites, only normal HTTP, ones (Same with the rest of the lads in my transit). We've been told there is a a solution to this but no one seems to know it. Any ideas??

Go and see the Paradigm guys and ask for the wee booklet. You should have been given it on RSOI (assuming you've got passed that point) but I can't find mine just at the moment. You need to set up HTTPS proxies and there is a list of them (and detailed instructions) in the pamphlet.
Are you sorted? Or do I need to dig through one of my not-quite-random heaps to find my copy?
there was some chat on here a while back regarding Ipads at BSN - have the glitches / difficulties now been resolved??
Using HTTPS site through a proxy is NOT to be recommended. This can allow a 'man in the middle' to see all your traffic without you realising. This will include the ability to see all your Passwords / Login details even though you think you have a secure connection.

Talk with the relevant people to understand why HTTPS sites are blocked and see if they can help you overcome the problem, but please do not use a proxy to do this if you need security.


Edited to add: I am refering to general proxies available on the web, i understand you have access to 'approved' proxies although these can also allow someone to view your traffic. To ensure you have a secure connection directly with the website/domain you want, *check the Security Certificate is valid for the actual site/domain.

*You can learn how to do this here

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