Browser problems

Chatting with a few arrsers on MSN and we thought th esite was down. But arrsers using mozilla instead of IE can get in.

Curiously, a link from a mozilla user via msn has let me into the site but I still can't directly in through IE.
I have no idea what language your talking, but i'm having a few probs tonight also.

I keep getting booted out!


Your own fault for using crappy microsoft :twisted: :twisted:
oldbaldy said:
Your own fault for using crappy microsoft :twisted: :twisted:
eeek! - Bill Gates says you can't say that and I've only got enough tin foil for me so you're on your own now :lol:

Problem seems to have gone away now. BCO/GCO if it was a fix you had to do, many thanks.
Not guilty I'm afraid and I suspect that GCO hasn't been up to anything either.

people who are having problems connecting may wish to examine the hosts file. This bandit lives in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC and you'll need to examine it with a text editor. If it contains either our IP ( or URL ( then you won't be able to access the site and I suggest you remove the relevant entry.

This may be useful to someone........

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