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How do I make sure - when I delete my browser history - that it stays deleted?

I'm on BT Broadband and the explorer wotsit is BT-Yahoo's own. At the end of an online session I go to Internet options and delete history and also clear URLs from Browser options. At close of play I also do disk cleanup on my C Drive and clear history from 'taskbar and start menu' but no matter what I do, next time I log on and hit the down arrow next to my browser bar, the complete list of previously visited websites is still there :evil:

I'll leave it to your imagination as to why I should be so keen to clear my browser history :twisted:
You need to delete everything so as the mrs doesnt see that you are looking at dwarf porn, delete history, temporary files and cookies.
That should cover your tracks nicely
Thought I'd done all that...

Been into 'Content IE5' folder and physically deleted all the stuff that refuses to budge with a standard disk cleanup.

Obviously there's some secret, hidden bloody temp file somewhere that keeps yet another copy of my brower history.

Does the ISP keep a copy of the browser history?
why dont you setup your other half with another profile in windows with her own logon etc.

You could even make it all pretty and pink for her
Im using IE so when I pull up internet options I can delete each thing as I please.
To delete temporary files manually presuming you are using windows.
Start > Search
type in search box

hit enter

Delete all the little bastids manually :D
KhakiCrab said:
Does the ISP keep a copy of the browser history?
The ISP does, but that isn't what is causing the issue here.

A better solution is to use a Linux live CD (e.g. ), that way nothing is written to the hard disk ;)

Click on tools and delete history, if you have a google toolbar then click on clear history.

Next do a clean up


Do as I did and buy your other half her own pc :) and password protect yours!
msr said:
A better solution is to use a Linux live CD (e.g. ), that way nothing is written to the hard disk ;)
Alternatively, you could use this instead and run it off a usb stick. That would be my recommendation :thumright:

Of course, the problem isn't the other half seeing your browsing history-it's why are you allowing her near a computer???? Women-know your place! :D


Puttees, the computer mong, has a chance to show off....

Rather than going through the formal "Delete Browsing History" etc., open WINDOWS Explorer (i.e. NOT Internet).

Tools > Folder Options > View > Advanced Settings
Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
Open the folder "Hidden Files and Folders" and put a dot in the radio button for "Show Hidden Files and Folders."
Close the Folder Options window.

Then, My Computer/Local Disk (whichever drive contains the following)/Documents and Settings/(Your profile)/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files
and delete the 'kin lot. ***(SPECIAL NOTE LATER)***

Some of the files can be stubborn, needing to be individually deleted, rather than part of a mass selection. Some can be very stubborn, requiring you to close Explorer and reopen it.
You may need to delete the contents of the folder in stages, often there's so much stuff in there that the deleting thingummies confuse themselves and give up.

Finally, open your Recycle Bin folder (again through Explorer, and delete everything in sight.

You'll have to log on to sites afresh as this process wipes remembered usernames and passwords, but that's probably not a bad thing now and again.

In the Temporary Internet File, you'll find copies of the stuff that you've watched. Typically .flv files contain the more interesting stuff. Copy these to your porn folder or DVD and you can watch them later (with no downloading delays). Most of this type of file deletes itself after a set period (often measured in minutes), so get in quick after watching the original download. Once moved to a different folder and renamed, it magically doesn't self-delete. You may need to download a flv player to be able to watch these files.

Now, I'll just wait for someone to tell me that I risk screwing up my computer by deleting in the way described. Although,having done it this way for several years now, I've never had a problem. (Not as a result of this, anyway).

PS This works for XP. I haven't found the corresponding folder in Vista yet.
do what oldbaldy suggested get ccleaner it deletes everything, all the browser history and previously typed urls/searches
leaves not a single trace.

or you can go to tools, then internet options, then auto complete and turn it off, wont save any searches or urls you type in.

but get ccleaner, its exactly what you want and very useful.
go to my computer right click on c:drive scroll down to properties then click on disk cleanup when its completed check. check all empty box's then clean it

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