Browns World Statesman of the Year!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Powerslave, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. The one-eyed incontinent has finally done it. He's been named World Statesman of the Year.

    It was done on behalf of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation but he's not going to let that get in the way, is he?
    Excuse me. I think I have to go and throw up now.

    Driver: Where you off mate
    Nutter: The real world please, make it quick.

    Bugger I forgot my coat, oh well never mind
  3. Good God.
    That cannot be for real?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Kissinger . . . . Kissinger. Can someone remind me what he's done in the past again? The name rings a bell. Something to do with machiavellian machinations on an enormous scale that (I could be wrong on this) that involved the deaths of hundreds of thousands in countries near and far . . .

    Or am I being unfair?
  5. Are they just trying to "big him up" so that the stupid electorate will vote him in again so he can fcuk the country up even more? These people must really hate the UK.
  6. I would hope not but I'm sure Liarbour will milk this for all it's worth.

    I know Kissinger is going gaga and his comment certainly proves it!
  7. He's right up there with that other great Statesman who 'saved the world'…

  8. This is one of those awards that Politicos hand round to each other unfortunately. Makes a mockery of the truth. Tony Bliar had one from a private Israeli foundation last year and a cool $1m dollars came with it! Nice work etc
  9. WOW!

    From this.

    Am I dreaming?

  10. Nope, it's a 12 year long nightmare we may finally come out of next May.
  11. How can this fat, one-eyed, jock prat win an award like this? Surrounded by his cronies he presides over the chaos that has been created in this country since 1997.
  12. Yet more proof that the political "elites" are not only out of touch with the electorate, but also with reality...
  13. Also from Wiki

    In 2009 the Foundation awarded the title of 'World Statesman of the Year' to the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, for his intellectual and compassionate leadership during the global financial crisis. Previous awardees include. the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel.[3]

    Seems like they will give it to anyone.
  14. Leadership is not a word any sane person could apply to Cyclops.

    The world has truly gone mad 8O
  15. It says World statesman not UK. You have to remember that since he became PM he has given a lot of other countries a lot of UK cash. To that end I can see that he probably has a lot of foreign "friends".