Browns Recess

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FINCO, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know the history of this tradition?
  2. I have checked my copy of Gray's Anatomy from cover to cover and can find no point of origin for Browns recess.

    Could it be somewhere close to **lmer's crevice or *****ry's nostril??

    < try one of this year's LE candidates>
  3. bitter about something? tell us more.........
  4. Is it not just after he reads the budget out? :wink:
  5. Recruited by SMIU (MELF) in 1966, BROWN REECE, as his original nickname was assigned, was a taxi driver working in the Crater District of Aden.

    He became the driver for a key FLOSSY cell, active in the city at the time. Feigning incontinence, he would frequently break his journey's during missions, at a nearby Quat house, ostensively to answer the call of nature. The ruse in fact allowed him to phone in to his FINCO providing warning that an attack was about to take place.

    BROWN REECE's efforts enabled several succesful interceptions by the forerunners of the MRF:

    At a subbsequent regimental dinner one fo the FINCO's was allegedly called away to take an urgent phonecall from BROWN REECE, thereafter the Brown's Recess was born.....

    Netley: I think perhaps you may be refering to NASAL PASSAGE instead of ****ry's nostril??
  6. Sandfly, thanks for this, when my bladder is set to burst at my next dinner, and browns recess is called I know who to thank!

    There does not seem to be much traditions around the corps so what there is I want to learn and pass on
  7. In 1978 Maj Brown QM of Templer Bks, Ashford, Kent was dined out on retirement by the central WO&#8217;s & Sgt&#8217;s Mess.

    Due to a medical condition that Maj Brown suffered from a break for ablutions was planned after the toasts and before the speeches to allow Maj Brown to relieve himself. The Browns Recess was born.
  8. I think's explanation is marvelous, but confess to having heard Finco's explanation given by the Corps museum curator some years ago in a lecture on Corps traditions during the obligatory D+D course museum visit
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    Without you Theatreman was incomplete ( ed)
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