Browns plan of Union Flag flying doesnt apply in Scotland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ammoman, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. That nice Mr Brown's great plan of flying the Union Flag from public buildings all year round to stop it being hijacked by extremists and to give people a sense of pride in their country would appear not to apply in Scotland.


    As far as I'm aware Scotland is still a part of the Union, so should Mr Brown's plan apply there as well?

    What do you think?
  2. We have our own flag thanks very much....never been allowed to fly it before......PATRIOTISM begins at home
  3. Well part of me is saying well done the Jocks for being proud and another part of me is despairing over the gutless wonders of your normal English councils. (Although it does happen quite a bit down where I am in the West Country). Do the Welsh do/feel the same, oh and the N Irish.
  4. That will be a no vote for Grippar then?
  5. Where does Sean Connery live?

    If Jockland is so great, why are there so many Jock politicians in the UK Parliament?
  6. "Never been allowed to fly it before"? :eek:
  7. I think the Saltire should fly as long as there is a Scot Nat government (as far as there is one). I'm sure Scots would fly the Union flag together with it on appropriate occasions (though I don't know what these might be).
  8. Just another example of gob being used before brain being engaged.

    Does this 'opt out' include Wales ? I can't recall Brown being elected as prime minister by the majority vote in the Principality.

    I do recall however, that his 'stooge', having been voted out of office, has refused to leave it in the expensive and irrelevant Arsembly in Wales.

    Brown is a dangerous man and what remains of the United Kingdom will rue his assumption of power as surely as it regrets the dreadful ten years of posture, waste and spin of his dishonest predecessor.
  9. This is a Union and applied to all parts equally. I am a Scot but first and formost a Brit. The Saltire (and I would even prefer the Lion Rampant) is more for Murrayfield than BRITISH institutions. Do you go the whole way and ask for FM Salmond on the stamps instead of HM?

    Fly the Union Flag on all government buildings with the country flag (which is (sorry Wales) represented) along side slightly lower.
  10. You can pretty much guarantee a union flag over Ibrox, can't say the same for them there 'tics though!

  11. From the thread title alone I guessed this would be an article from the the Daily Hate or the Di-ly Express, they really should change the record.

    Does it really matter what flag they fly (within reason)? The Scots are as entitled to national pride as the English and the Welsh and what is important is that public buldings fly a flag as a symbol of pride in their location and the people they serve. I consider the Saltire to be suitable for the Scottish Parliament, because they serve the Scottish people.

    What I find distasteful is the implication that nationalists are rejecting the Union Flag on anti-British sentiments, if this is the case then it is clearly a counter-productive policy.
  12. Just for Batcrab, here's a link to the story in The Sun -

    Sun link
  13. That is exactly how it should be, I am proud to be both British & Scottish, But until things change (hopefully not) then i still posses a British passport and remain Loyal to my Queen and Country
  14. I would'nt deny the right of anybody to show national pride, but surely as a part of the Union(at the moment), Scotland should fly the Union flag or is this ruling another aspect of the West Lothian question?

    (Retires to deep bunker to prepare for incoming).
  15. Why not do what seems to be the norm in Europe, where the European Union flag is flown alongside the national one (and before anyone starts, I'm referring to the Union Flag being flown alongside either the St George's/Andrew's/Patrick's/The Welsh Dragon rather than suggesting that the abomination that is the EU flag be flown ANYWHERE in this country)