Browns Pension Grab Secret

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by tomahawk6, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. This part in BOLD made my blood boil, I knew there would be problems when pension holidays and the tax grabs happened, it is an insult to our intelligence, recently the Courts have found the Government to be liable for crashed pension schemes and they have tried to wiggle their way out of their responsibilty, by ignoring judgements until the Government Obundsmen pulled them up on it.

    I would NOT want Brown as PM I would rather have Cameron than him.
  2. Their reasoning evidently was that people who benifit from these pensions
    1, are swing voters
    2, would probably only vote for Labour the first time around
    3, will die off before anyone notices
    4, are probably some sort of aspirant toff and must be punished

    The ONLY pension shall be the State Pension!

    Shame thay didn't calculate that several Million pensioners actually vote, not to mention their Children!

    It seems that all of the UK press is carrying this story, even the Guardian is outraged, Brown and New Liebour are going to take a serious beating on this.
  3. Just listened to the Brown Broadcasting Corporation - Apologist and Brown Noser in Chief J.Naughtie - listening politely to Balls defend the indefensible Brown, whilst constantly interrupting the man put up to tell us about the theft of billions from pension funds.

    Balls said in effect that any 'problem' with pension funds was David Cameron's fault!! Can you believe this? Ten years ago Cameron was probably still at Eton.

    Is Brown so arrogant, so far up himself, so disgustingly Marxist, that he believes, we, the great un-washed, have no brians at all?

    We are in for a very rough ride as a result of Brown's handling of finances for ten years and his forthcoming handling of EVERYTHING. Bliar must bear some responsibility for his cowardly acceptance of all Brown's decisions and his pusillanimous failure to clip Brown's wings.

  4. This all came up at the time in 1997, and has been going on ever since. The unions have been complaining ever since this tax came in about the the number of firms that have ended their finial pension schemes.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    And this cnut thinks he's going to be PM beyond the next election - I don't think so buddy!
  6. Ed Balls was on the radio this morning saying that the decision was made based on the best advice of civil servants in the treasury. So there you have it, it was nothing to do with Liabour Party policy it woz the civil servants wot done it.
    Brown knew before the elction what his tax / spending plans were and roughly how he was going to fund them. Are we really to believe that this was not planned prior to the election?
    Would they have got in if they had publicly declared " We are going to rape your pension funds. This will lead to hardship for all of you in the future and some of you working until you you die"
    We are now taxed more than ever before and have smaller financial rewards from our pensions to look forard too.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    All part of the greater scheme. Raise the pension age, rape pensions. Net result - people work longer AND pay MORE taxes for doing so, whilst drawing less pension. Add this to the minimum wage, which just so happens to be above the tax-free threshold and you get the picture.
  8. I find it strange that this has come as a shock? All the experts at the time warned it would happen.
  9. Not a shock mainly the fact that when it was pointed out at the time I believe Mr Brooon denied it would have the effect it has. The releasing of the documents proves that there were people in his department who warned him of the consequences.
  10. any ideas *why* the pension age is being raised?
  11. Once again we find common ground General. This is becoming a habit. :D

    The only comment I have is that many of us have known this for a VERY long time. Sadly, some in the UK still choose to believe the semi-mendacious, or complete nonsense, put out by the Blair/Brown regime.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Erm, yes; the pension age is being raised so that the state pays 5 years less pension per person AND the person is now required to work an extra 5 years and therefore pay an extra 5 years worth of NI and PAYE.

    If you ask the gummint, it's actually because people live longer and are therefore able to worj longer (or some such sh!t). They harp on about the amount of money the government has to pay out in state pensions increasing year on year due to people living longer, but what they fail to say is that the NI contributions people make towards their healthcare and state pensions doesn't actually go on these things; it's put in a great big pot and gets p!ssed up the wall. You'd think that they would set aside a certain amount of your N.I. contribution in a way that actually earned money through interest (like the banks and the Pension companies do) so that there would not be a shortfall at the end of the period.

    As so typical of this and other '4 year term' gummints in the UK, they care not one jot about the longer term financial stability of this country, only the next election and immediate soundbites.
  13. Its good to see the future(unelected) PM outed as the man who has officially destroyed what was the worlds best private funded pension industry and left millions facing an uncertain future!!!
    Wheres Sven to put his masters case forward?