Browns new idea- problem family- have some cash

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Just read this,

    So the gobernment is going to make families with problems attend parenting meetings and eat friut , if you do it they give you cash.

    What a great idea, so families with normal kids who work hard to survive get **** all while the great unwashed masses claiming benift can get an extra 2000 cans of super 8 a year.
  2. This quote made me laugh lots and lots and lots:
  3. I was so motivated by this idea I trashed 2 cars, smashed 3 windows and mugged a pensioner on my way into work.... then demanded a rise.
  4. Did it work? If so I might have to re-think the objectives on my last appraisal...

  5. What a great idea.

    I fully agree that this initive will yeild fruit. And reduce the problems in the country.....

    Or is it yet more sh1te from the "crack pipe think tank"?

    This is how the article would read if it was my plan.


    Like ever other fcuker in the country.
  6. I have a suggestion for Broon:
    Stop people from defacing their car number plates by paying them £1000 each.That way the police can spend their time doing far more important things. And he'd be happy because chavs can claim for it more than everybody else.
    In fact a series of incentives to maintain a legal vehicle would be good too:
    £1000 to keep a valid tax disc on it.
    £1000 to keep it MOT'd
    £1000 to not drive over the speed limits.
    £1000 to drive without being over the limit.

    Edited to add - You can only claim these if you have just got caught by the rozzers.

    On the spot handouts. Beats on the spot fines any day.
  7. And they want to get many off the social do they?

    We are now breeding the second and in some cases the third generation of those who live on the social, so Broon wants to reward them?

    There is no problem familes, just a problem with the right way forward and where needed the right punishment for the wayward young person and their parent / guardian.

    O sorry, you can't do that, they had a deprived childhood and it's against their human right and civil liberies, so what about the rights of the law biding majority of the UK population and the rights of the victims?

    It's time these who don't give a damn, are named and shamed in the local press, as well as the Short Sharpe Shock!
  8. Reward people for finally starting to pay lipservice to the rules, and give fuck-all to the ones who already are? What a wonderful idea, which won't in the slightest demotivate the good-guys and encouragae the rabble to act up.

    Would Broon be as happy to pay me a fortune simply for not smashing his sodding face in with a brick? Probably not, he couldn't find that much money.

    Edited for clarity and frothing rage.
  9. I just remind myself of what an amazing job my grandparents and parents did in raising my family. Yes, life was less complicated post World War 2, but people still had to go to work and put food on the table. The British Citizens were very proud in that time; proud of their country and proud of their armed forces. Their was mutual respect amongst all. What is happening? My wife and me work long hours to provide a good home and a supportive and loving environment for our son. We take an interest in his education and development. Why can't I be payed extra for all this?

    If seems to me, that if you are a complete ********, the Government will pay you. I am sick to death of the lazy, NFI attitude of millions of British Citizens. Things are only going to get worse. I for one, am glad to be leaving this country, for a new life in Australia.
  10. String the b@stards up I say. Start with Broon and then work onto the legion chavs who milk the system at the same time as releasing their worthless offspring onto society. Sometimes I feel that [insert tyrannical dictator's name here] had some good ideas, and with a team of Liabour spin doctors behind him, would probably be viewed in a much different light
  11. Neu Arbeit's cure for everything - "Bribe all the bad ba$tards"
  12. Just think. If you Sat on your arrse watching Trisha when everyone else is out there paying tax's who are you going to vote for when the time comes.

    The useless fcukwit who gives you money when your kids break stuff. The other useless fcukwit who might make you get a job and actually pay your own way in life!
  13. How about making them go to an field/allotment and work 12 hours a day growing their own fruit?
  14. Just looked up "Opportunity NYC" which this is based on. For starters it's funded by philanthropists, not by the state and secondly it's only been running for 10 months so no clues as to if it works.

    It's based on schemes in Brazil and Mexico which have worked - but those schemes dealt with families living in real poverty, not the UK definition of poverty which seems to be 'not got a 40" plasma yet'.

    Maybe they should trial it in prisons - give the problem prisoners extra privileges and see what the result is?
  15. How about making them go to a field and dig their own burial pit, then clean the shovels. Put them to some productive use and introduce the concept of cleaning things to lives that have previously been unblessed by such a notion.

    Oh, hang on! Instead of bribing people in the hope they'll be good, why not just put the money into more cops; more Courts; more prisons; and BFO sticks with nails in for the blokes who run them. Aye, and this time that won't mean the convicts!