Browns in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. FFS The cyclopic cnut is now kissing arrse in Afghanistan to make up for yesterdays lieing f**k up. The Spindoctors must be on triple time payment. And I wonder how long ago the aircraft was tasked
  2. If he wasn't in Afghanistan he would be receiving vitriol for not having gone to Afghanistan.

    The bloke can't win but at least he has trodden on an Operational area.
  3. Did he take any new kit out with him? :?
  4. Yer but Dave Cameron's in a really dangerous place, Llandudno
  5. He dropped off a new helicopter :D
  6. My bold: He's left it a bit late to show he cares, when it really mattered in the past he delayed or cut funds & left MOD officials angered & frustrated, all these other individuals can't 'all' be lying :?

    Would this apparent suprise visit have anything to do with two former senior officers contesting his performance yesterday??

    GB is two faced & only attempting to make up for all the past f**k ups.
  7. Head first???? :D
  8. Can we leave him there please? I'm sure the Afghans could find him a job in some cave somewhere.....
  9. Inquiry Walt :twisted:
  10. We are not that lucky :x

    Fair play to him, love him or loath him he has popped over a fair few times

    Fcuk that hurt saying that
  12. To be fair i'm more interested in the forthcoming SDR as it's in the best interests of my career, if that makes me a walt then yes I'm guilty :roll:
  13. £500 to any squaddie that has an accidental discharge and zaps tosspot brown.
  14. He doesn't deserve to "Win", he's an incompetent disgrace, a self-admitted liar, a foul-tempered oaf and quite possibly a f**king nutter as well.He cares nothing for the future well-being of this country, only for his own reputation and that of his utterly discredited, demonstrably toxic political party. If he and they continue in office they will take this county over the edge of ruin. I wouldn't trust the man to tell me the time of day or run the proverbial whelk-stall. He's the Peter Principle writ large, only he's been promoted not one, but probably half-a dozen levels beyond his competence, the sooner we're shot of this crazed, delusional weirdo the better for the UK and us all.

    There, I feels better now. (sucks thumb and gazes our of window, rocking slowly )
  15. I do loathe him. Would like to see him have the balls to attend a 360 Degree Feedback group or a "Town Hall" meeting with the families of those taken from us or injured in Iraq / Afghanistan and face some real questions. This is a cheap photoshoot engineered by 10 Downing Street to get him out of the UK & to try be Army friendly in my humble opinion.