Browns acting all tough (again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stacker1, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Brown (having sorted out the financial problems he helped cause)
    Is now demanding the price of petrol should fall.

    I take it he will be announceing a cut in fuel tax soon then.
    He's such a hero.
  2. I'd hardly even call those financial problems 'sorted' either.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Win Win for Brown
    Oil prices drop
    He jumps on the bandwagon bawling out the fuel companies to reduce forecourt prices
    Smiles Smugly for the cameras in his "I am a genius and the best for you look what I've done to those fuel companies" pose
    Still collects a whopping 66% of fuel duty to fund his bank bailouts on the QT
    If he cut the tax aswell I'd be more impressed

    Did I mention the mans a cunt
  4. No, he won't. He'll wait for the price to fall and then push up the taxes!

    The last few months have shown government just how effective high fuel prices are in curbing demand and reducing the number of miles driven. It's given them a well-calibrated tool that they can, and will, use in the future.

    Taxes account for about 75% of the cost of fuel. Watch it rise to >80% within 2 years - even though the price of oil falls back towards $50/bbl.

  5. The price of oil plummets and the price of petrol creeps down. Oil has halved in price since June, however petrol's still lagging behind.

    As for Toxic Gordon, his electioneering has started early. I want to watch him fall from a great height and onto his arrse when a large portion of the working population becomes unemployed by Christmas / New Year.

    Then, if I'm still a wage-earner, I'll be buying shares in goalposts - because if past form is anything to go by (Thatcher, Major, Blair) , they'll be moving all over the shop as TG does his best to make it look like the unemployment figures aren't quite as bad as the commentators are telling us. Before you know it, you'll need to be 'looking for work'; 'over 25'; 'have access to a bicycle'; 'be eligible to commute to work anywhere in the UK' to claim your sixty quid.

    That should help to keep the figures below 5 million.
  6. How much have wholesale gas prices dropped? The energy companies are currently saying that because they bought the winters supply already they won't be putting prices down for some time.
  7. You are right he is such a hero..... if you spell it with 'C' it has four letters including 'U', 'N' and ends with 'T'.
  8. What brought petrol down was not state interference, it was the opposite; healthy capitalist competition between those able to afford to absorb small losses to bring in custom; the supermarkets. Once one of them took 2p a litre off fuel, the others all had to follow suit, especially in cities where several compete in a small area.

    If Gordon could stop pissing our taxes into banks, losing millions an hour due to tumbling share prices, and reduce the tax on fuel instead it would help enormously. If VAT was suspended on fuel, how much more would the haulage industry make a year? How much more would all businesses with vehicles have to spend if their fuel costs were reduced?
  9. So in short, if Gordon would just p*ss off out of office immediately, Britain would be a better place?

    I couldn't agree more!
  10. I'm not sure how true this is but I have heard that the 'Great Rescue Package for the World' was acually worked out by senior management od Standard Chartered Bank and not by Broon and his puppet Darling. There is still plenty of time before the next election (unless he calls one early) for all the next problems of inflation and unemployment to bring him down.