Browning Machine Guns

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BashaBasher, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. We were all chatting about some Browning Aircraft MG on the walt thread, Wanted to pass the topic here.
  2. Very nice, anything to add? :)
  3. like some details perhaps?
  4. Did it make you sex wee in your pants?
  5. I'm glad you moved to here.

    I saw something like the MG in question on display with a Waltencommando called "Thunder From Heaven" [IIRC] at D-Day plus 60 event.

    They reckoned the mod with improvised/adapted rifle butt was a commonplace for the weapon when used at sec/pl level, 'cos it wasn't accurate enough in its original configuration.

    I was persuaded - it's the kind of info a 'spotter' would dig up and treasure. :D
  6. I think the original was intended as a GPMG in that it could be set up in the light role or SF role rather like our beloved L7A2.

    These pics give the idea I think

    Light role:

    Butt, carrying handle and Bipod removed, note clamp for fastening butt to pistolgrip:

    SF role - Pistol grip remains fitted.
  7. you might wanna have a peek in here......

    In my twilight years in the armd engrs we had 3 brownings on the 105 Avre's 2x .30 L3A3 (fixed) and L3A4(flex)(if i remembered correctly!!) one for coax and the other as comds feel good factor.....ranging was provided by a .50 but shorter barrel than the one you see being used in Afghanistan.
    But by 'eck 30's were really reliable as probably less to go wrong with then than gimpys...... buti think the rpm wasn't as good :roll:
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it's a .30" Browning, presumably an M1919A1 (was there any other model? Do I care?) It was fitted in the turrets of Mark 2 Ferret Scout Cars and on a pintle mount on a Mark 1 at least into the 1980s.

    What was the question?

    That said, I cannot help but notice it is shown apparently loaded with disintegrating link ammunition, whereas ours were always canvas belt fed. Unless of course it's a Walt pic and somebody has mocked up a belt of 7.62mm disintegrating link because he didn't know that .30" (pronounced three-oh, not 30cal unless yer a yank or a Walt) wasn't 7.62mm and didn't take disintegrating link. Doesn't mean that three-ohs weren't converted to take disintegrating link of course.

    But what do I know?
  9. the .30 was the US 30-06 round, very much like the 7.62 NATO that was based on it but quite a bit longer in the case.
  10. The .30" in British Army Service was the M19A? .30-06 Canvas Belt variant. The RAF had a .303" disintegrating link version during the war. A lot of American Army/Navy M19's were converted to take 7.62mm disintegrating link during the Viatnam War. But in British Service the Bren/LMG and later GPMG were used more than the .30" in the infantry role. Even the Ferret (Mk5) were converted to 7.62mm GPMG before going out of service.
  11. -Thats an Israeli M1919A6 conversion. In the US version the barrel jacket is rebated near the Muzzle booster & the Bipod yoke slips over it. Also the US version didnt have the lateral swivel built in
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    South Africa used a 7.62mm version with disintergrating belt...still have flashbacks to "the naming of the parts" oorhaalhefboomborgpen or a cocking lever retaining pin to those that can't speak the taal....and 4.5 clicks for barrel spacing.....happy days
  13. The 'Argie' variant of the 1919 has a safety swich on the pistol grip attachment.

    Powerful bstrds those .30 cals, Some troops used them in the Jimpy role as they are without the stocks. I remember seeing a BW image of Mercenary squad in the Congo, One was toting a 30 cal, I was thinking how the hell could he carry that heavy cnut around.

    I did come to hold one in an army display, It wasnt as heavy as i thought. Nice gun though.

    As soon as the M60 came out, The remaining '1919A6's were flogged off to the South Vietnamiese Army(SVA) along with other WW2/Korean War equipment such as M14's Tommy Guns, BAR's etc. In a way the SVA were actually given a more powerful Jimpy than the M60, Only probs it was slightly heavier and bulky.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I fired one Blank only at SCBC when the enemy used them. We had one in a ferret turret wedded to a pig in XMG in 88. They were cloth belt but I do recall somewhere seeing disintegrating link.