Browning B2000 feeding problem

Hi there. Thought I may as well make my first post a useful one (to me, anyway!)

I bought the aforementioned gun a few weeks ago and only managed to take it out this morning, and it's been having a few problems cycling rounds.

With two rounds in the gun (one inthe chamber, one in the magazine) it works fine. With more than two rounds loaded, it ejects the first one, and then the next becomes stuck under the feed ramp, preventing the bolt from closing.

I would guess this is caused by more rounds putting more tension on the magazine spring, leading it to load rounds quicker than the action can cycle.

I know the description is a bit vague, I'll take a photo next time it happens.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Or indeed if my diagnosis is correct?

Thanks in advance.

You haven't mentioned what loads you're firing, if it's 24gm or less that could be the prob. I seem to remember seeing on a shooting forum that spring tension in the magazine could be another problem. A tighter spring could help.
Sorry, using 32g loads, I've been told about it cycling unreliably with lighter loads.

As for magazine spring tension, I have a feeling that might be it, as it seems to fit with what I experienced. Do you know how big a job it is to adjust/replace it?

I havn't stripped it down further than to give a a basic clean yet.

I did wonder if there was a reason for its £150 price tag... seemed a little too reasonable.

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My winchester SX3 had chronic feeding problems and we found that the gun was thinking that the magazine was empty after each round was fired, make sure the (bit attached to the spring in the magazine, iv forgotten the name) is properly attached as it can cause problems if its the wrong shape
Here is a picture to clarify:


What is happening is the bolt moves to the rear, picks up a round and starts to feed it up the feed ramp (seen raised here). The ramp should then snap down, allowing the bolt to continue forwards. but in my case, the next round is being pushed under the feed ramp, preventing it from moving down and letting the bolt move forwards. Hence the stoppage.

Having thought about it a bit more, i dont think the magazine spring is the cause.

Does this this help at all or is it gunsmith/shop/phone browning time?

Thanks for the replies so far.
It may be that there is nothing holding back the second round, is the shell rim being latched onto? and thanks walt thats the bit but having had the problem described im in a muddle

Is it a normal capacity shotgun or a low capacity 3 rounds only gun?
I have a B2000. Good news is that it works like a charm.
I'm pretty sure that your problem is the slender finger below the cartride feed chute.

It's not lifting up and holding back the 2nd cartridge.

This might be cause its trapped. When the gun is reassembled make sure it's not caught on the body of the gun. Easiest way to see is to assemble the gun. make sure it's completely free from cartridges, cock the bolt back and then trip the cartridge feed latch whilst holdinhg the bolt back against the recoil spring. The cartridge feed chute should spring right up but the slender finger should also spring up a little way and seperate the next cartridge from the one following it.

Good Luck.
It is designed as a 5 shot, so if it has been converted with an ill-fitting 2 round shot plug to get it through proof, it may have insufficient space in the mag to accept two 2 3/4" cartridges. Just a guess.

You should be able to load it direct from the mag by cocking it on an empty chamber with two rounds up the magazine, whereupon the second round will also feed back and sit in the loading bay.

Not describing it well because I am smashed; hope it helps though :?
i advise messaging AirHunterUK on youtube. its a friend of mine and he knows a lot of people who find quick and easy ways to fix guns in your own home.

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