Browning 9mm

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Manchester_Rogue, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. Just got one question regarding this handgun. I've only seen civilian issue/available Browning Hi-Powered handguns and they all seemed to feature the annoying (and useless) magazine safety.

    Does the army-issue L9a1 handgun, does it feature a magazine safety?
  2. Yes.

    This has led to the official drill of placing a magazine onto the weapon to ease springs (a bit frightening when its newbies/old biffers doing an unload of a partially-filled magazine...).

    The issue pistol also the magazine-retaining spring, which was sometimes removed (unofficially), along with a few other mods ..... apparently (ahem)....
  3. Is it also the case that the magazine itself will not completely drop from the gun when the mag release button is pressed due to the magazine 'safety' or is that pure pub bullshit?
  4. Some do some don't. Even if using the same weapon. I assume it depends on the mag(?)
  5. crap.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up, guys! :)
  7. For two years i fired a Browning Hi-Power almost every other day, drawn from a pool of around 50 pistols and never have I had a magazine not release when using the magazine release catch.

    Any SASC guys in here that could have something to say on this?
  8. Dumb question time , do you have to zero pistols ?
  9. You can zero them to the firer, however in my experience when you use pool weapons this is never done as the adjustments are only fine adjustments.
  10. So you fire a couple of sighters and aim off as needed ?

    Please note the only pistol I have ever shot was an air pistol
  11. If it has been issued for operations you will have fired that weapon before.
  12. More accuratly put, the drill is to use a magazine (even with rounds in) to fire off the action, not ease springs. Ease springs would chamber a round and then firing off the action would cause an ND.

    Or am I just being picky? :oops:
  13. If all you want to do is relieve the hammer from a cocked position, you can release the magazine safety with your finger in the magazine well.
  14. I don't think I would want to finger my gat any time soon... :(