Browning 9mm

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by escape_artists_never_die, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. Having fired it twice and not again until a competition can anyone offer any hints/tips. Anything relevant appreciated.
  2. Keep the dangerous end (the end that lumps of metal fly out of) pointed in any other direction than at you

    Don't try and fire it underwater.

    Use only correct ammunition and not fruit or vegetable or anythign else lying around.

    NEVER under any circumstances block barrel with Playdo, plastercine or putty

    Shout get some get some get some after every round fired

    When fast drawing from a holster hollering Yeeha and hoopla and spinning the trigger gaurd around your finger impresses fcuk out of range officers and makes the chicks go moist.

    When finished on the firing point don't ever clean your pistol by rubbing it down with a crabstick

    If range time is scarce and far between, keep and retain a few rounds next time you shoot, lie at the declaration and sign a pistol out from a slack armourer. In the block get a pal to balance a lilt tin on his head and let rip, making sure that you put a pillow up at the end of the corridor to stop the fast spinney shooty things
  3. useful, how about something specific for when i use it at bisley next month?
  4. Bisley......

    OK...... Do not fire when on Queens Rd on approach to Bisley, nor the NRA and NSRA shops.

    Fultons will take a dim view of you opening up in thier too.

    Avoid the Marine bar, those guys can drink like fish and you aren't allowed to shoot with a flowery frock and party hat.

    If someone tells you its your turn to do the Butts on Stickledown, pull your 9mm and threaten them with it.

    You can use the pistol in the ATSC, if the old warden there (Ray) is about please put four in him from me, thats if someone gives you some helpful tips
  5. Imagine you are Clint...
    "This is the Browning 9mm "Hi-Power" automatic pistol, the mosty prone to stoppages hand gun in the world. You must be asking yourself, how likely is it that it will jam again? Well do you feel lucky punk? "Click" Oh fcuk!...."

    Squeeze the trigger, be aware of how much pressure equals "Bang" and then don't go bashing away on the trigger, just gently ease the rounds off. Oh and keep both eyes open when engaging the targets...Also check the rounds carefully as you load. If its that Swedish FFV stuff you will probably have a 93% chance of successfully filling a mag and emptying it using the trigger rather than stoppage drills! If its that Indian Ordnance Factory sh1t, then it should have been consigned to the North Sea a long time ago...

    8) 8) 8) 8)
  6. Make sure an Armourer inspects & function tests the mags you are going to use, and keep them clean etc because it's the mags that will give you jams.
  7. Perhaps you should ask a specific question. There's a tip for you.
  8. Keep your tongue away from the action is it recoils and reloads.
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Get a firm grip with your right hand around the barrel. Right leg forward, weight over it, aim, transfer weight to rear leg then throw with all your might.....better chance of hitting something than pulling the trigger.
  10. Don’t fire it at all you will just have to clean it. At the firing point just shout bang when every one else is engaging targets then run down to the butts and poke holes in the targets with a pen.

    ps. this does not work if you all do it at least one guy has to fire my advice bully the nig into doing it.
  11. Another tip when using the 9mm, is when you are using a shoulder holster for the first time in plain clothes in Northern Ireland, don't wear a fully lined leather bikers jacket in the middle of summer to cover it up!

    Chomping on a full Irish breakfast in a cafe, sweating my bollox off, with the waitress offering to take my jacket '"cos i looked bit warm!" :oops:
  12. No you should stuff it in the back of your stone wash jeans so it slowly slides down your leg as you walk and digs into your back when driving.
  13. Position and hold must be firm enough to support the weapon.
    Sight alignment - i.e. aiming - must be correct.
    The weapon must point naturally at the target.
    Follow through by sustaining the aim as the shot is fired.
    Something else.
    Now fak off.
  14. Good God! Is that sh1t still around? It must be over 25 years old by now!

    I remember having a bullet jammed in my SMG barrel with it.......
  15. Are you allowed to make any modifications of the weapon?

    If you can lawfully do so, get rid of the magazine safety. [The Hi-Power is unique among combat pistols (as far as I know) in that ordinarily you can't fire a chambered round if the magazine has been removed.] You'll be amazed how much cleaner the trigger action becomes.

    I don't like the factory sights. There are much better after-market sights.

    Hi-Power is quite reliable with decent ammo.