Browning 5.25 Opinions and experiences please.

A friend of mine is looking to get himself a new, steel proofed gun and quite likes the look of the latest B525.

For some reason I can't recall ever having shot a Browning as I've always had a Beretta for an o/u against which Brownings look decidedly chunky. So does anyone on here have any experience of them?
St Michael of Yardley seems to rave about them but I'm not sure I entirely trust him.

Personally if I was looking for a steel-proofed all in one gun at a reasonable price I might go Fabarm but then when it came to buying a gun for wildfowling I just went for a cheapish semi on the grounds that there's only one tube to replace and the action should absorb some of the recoil from those bloody enormous carts.
The wife has a Browning 125 that seems to shoot nicely enough (she has had it for several years and has just started clays again) , looking at a B725 for myself as I'm also just getting into clays as relaxation

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