Browne on Adam Boulton Show NOW

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Enigma266, May 4, 2008.

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  1. If ever you needed further confirmation that the guy is on another planet this is it!

    Apparantly he knows what we all want (reduced crime, high petrol prices etc) and the desire to give it to us is what motivates him in politics!
  2. It really is incredible how impervious to reality the bunker mentality of ZANU NL is.The cyclopean,pension thieving,traitorous arrse bandit could be hanging from a lamp-post outside a burning number 10.....and still would not take the hint.
  3. As far as I could tell, all the BBC did this morning (Sunday 4 May) was advertise 'Gordon Brown's fight-back'.

    Why should I pay a licence fee to the propaganda department of a political party I have loathed and despised since I was a miner in a South East Wales pit? (Rose Heyworth in Abertillery for those interested).
  4. The BBC got their cards marked a couple of years ago when they revealed the dodgy dossier on WMD. since then theyve been like the old soviet Pravda, check out the order and length of time given to bad government news stories when related to the ITV or Sky Bulletins, there furher down the list, given less air time and a slightly glossy sheen is also applied.

    like saying one fifth of people will pay less for their car tax when the new rates come in and not saying four fifths will pay more.
  5. The beeb giving the one eyed mong an easy time

    The above link if further evidence was needed that the beeb are filled with commies and organ sucking toads to the liarbore gobmint.

    Who will join me on a bet that as soon a Broon fcuks off (and he will) and releases his inevitable book, we will learn that he had been suffering mental depression or autism or some fink throughout his leadership........

    The clown is unfit to hold a licence, let alone govern the country.
  6. Brown needs to hang for giving away Britains sovereignty to europe against the will of the people.
  7. No wonder Mugabe won't admit he's screwed it up. If El Presidente Broon needs a hiding like this before he will admit he "made mistakes", what a great example for third world heads of state to follow.
  8. Interesting concept. Maybe thats what politics needs, hang a few of the fcukers for crimes against the state. That should make them sit up.
    They have been dripping away the british soverignty for the last 12 years but we could go further back than that to the all to ready to capitulate tory's of majors goverment.
    Get em dead!
  9. A few years ago, a friend from abroad asked me why we still had the 19th cent. lamp post in parts of central London - the ones with the bars sticking out at the top - used to be so that the lamp lighters could lean their ladders against them back in the gas light days....

    I explained that they would prove useful when the revolution came.
  10. You're right, it has been given away, and not just under Labour.

    But the worst example of utter contempt for the electorate was the Lisbon Treaty, to promise a referendum when they thought it was a sure thing (until france and denmark rejected it) to then turn around and re-name the constitution (with over 90% of the content of the original document) and claim it was something new so it didn't need a vote, was not only cynical, it was beyond that.

    It crossed the line between normal political lieing and just plain trechery, we should have been rioting in the streets and hanging cabinet ministers, but being British we're just to polite for that.

    The Labour government has managed to do by politics what Adolf Hitler could not do in war time, Broon has given away sovereignty of the UK to a foriegn power, and he got away with it without so much as a whimper.
  11. "....and now there's just you and a load of pygmies" hahahhahahahahaa :D
  12. I have just realised!!!! There is no Broon, it's the Emperor Mong in disguise!
  13. Yes.... Pa Broone would really do far better if he got a job at MacDonalds as the Corporate Clown. Mr Ronald MacDonald. At least he could go about his business and nobody would recognise him...... :? :lol:
  14. Would you let your kids be exposed to gorgon 'lock up your sons' broon?
  15. As a great number of panicing ZANU-Liarbor MP's have finally had to admit to themselves. When you have an an unnamed former Cabinet minister telling a journalist at the BBC: "We can't be sentimental like we were with Michael Foot. We have to be ruthless like the Conservatives otherwise we are fcuked." that is not going to be an uncommon sentiment

    "........there are few predicaments less enviable than crouching at the bottom of a trench with Mr Brown, waiting for him to launch one of his botched attacks.

    Even Mr Brown's courage becomes, in these circumstances, a liability: he leads his troops over the top at the very time when the only sensible thing is to sit tight and devise a new plan of attack.

    Any Labour MP who watched Mr Brown's performance on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning will have been driven to the conclusion that the only sensible thing to do with this Prime Minister is to shoot him in the back. For if Labour's situation looked bad before Mr Brown mounted this operation, it looked a lot worse afterwards.

    There was a pitiful absence of any element of surprise: Mr Brown launched his offensive long after dawn and everyone could see him stumbling, revolver in hand, towards the enemy lines. He was a sitting duck."

    If they get the pasting they so richly deserve in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election on 22 May, he is history.

    In some dark part of the Liarbor party, somebody decided that as a substitute for any convincing policies and absent a viable leader, the only thing to do was go for a pathetic grab for the loyalty vote.

    Thus the late Gwyneth Dunwoody's daughter, Tamsin Dunwoody, was the "logical choice" to fight the seat.

    She of course was a Welsh Assembly member from 2003 to 2007 until she lost her seat to the Conservatives having thought that being deputy minister for environment and deputy minister for economic development she would walk it.

    The voters of Crewe and Nantwich are about to find themselves part of a huge media circus as all three parties pour huge resources into the battle. Gemma Garrett, aka Miss Great Britain, is supposed standing on a "sexy not sleazy" platform. Oh please.......