Browndown Camp

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Hiya,

    Anyone been to this camp. I'm running a summer camp there and looking for advice?
  2. I've been there.

    I'm afraid I can't offer advice though, it was in 1981!

  3. My daughter has been there twice on summer camp. In her opinion there is 2 training areas, the one across the road from the camp (they call mosquito alley) is not very good as its also a public area. The other training area is good. The range is ok, but they used to be taken down to the range in Longmore, which she preferred. The living accommodation was good, with showers and baths, which she was impressed with.
    The cadets Naafi is very small and stocks very little, but she said you'll be happy to know the Sgts Mess has a bar :D .
    I would recommend you take lots of mosquito repellent as she came back both times looking like she had chicken pox.
  4. Good advice............................ Thanks
  5. When I was there the naffi was merely another empty block, with "NAFFI" written on the side.

    The beach training area is appalling if you want to basha up, I've been there twice and both times searched the entire area for a decent place, the only area where you could actually put bashas up is behind the range about 150m to the SE. I can't comment on the training area across the road.

    Toilets are indeed decent, and excellent for drying things out if your harbour area is very exposed (see above).

    Initially the beach training area looks very flat and not much use, but it is actually pretty good as long as you use your imagination, especially at night.

    EDIT for mong fingers.
  6. Who are the local Regs near by? Are they Navy, RM or RE
  7. Is that not where the BCDT team do their Ex phase?
  8. My last visit was years ago.

    The nearest regular military units are -
    RN towards Portsmouth (HMS Haslar - I think - used to use it for Ration Run).
    Next nearest used to be at HMS Daedalus - used to be RN and RCT Hovercraft (200 Sqn) - now closed I'm told.
    After that RLC at Marchwood.

    Ranges used to be quite good but had to stop firing if large ships were passing.
    The area across the road is actually quite small, but used to have a reasonable assault course.

    Booze wise - opposite the camp main gate is a Caravan Park which used to let the guys use their bar. Obviously manners for the RSM or someone to go across and intro themselves and set up the agreement.
    (I am told this facility is much degraded these days - the campsite now having a number of pikeys living there)
  9. Used to live down that way, Browndown is made up of post war Nissan huts but they have been fitted out a few years ago with double glazing and a lick of pait due to the filming of ‘Bad lads army’.

    Training areas are limited to around the beach area. The old fort is still used by the BCDT and BATTLS team’s but can no longer be used for bashering up as it is structurally unsafe.

    Prepare for the cold even in the mid summer due to the sea breeze constantly coming from the Solent.

    The local unit that you may be able to get some help from is 33 Fld Hosp based at Fort Blockhouse (the old HMS Dolphin) next to the RH Haslar.

    Hope that helps a little
  10. I get stuck on browndown 3 - 4 weekends a year and my unit is based next door to the camp. On the surface the training areas are not the best, in terms of size I wouldn't expect to tab anywhere unless you like going round in circles.

    cadet accommodation (15 man rooms) is reasonable. Adult accommodation is 1 - 2 man rooms. there inst a permanent naafi on so you will need to bring you own stock.

    The site has an AT Hanger by the old fort from memory it has a climbing wall.

    If you want any specific information let me know.

    Oh an look forward to meeting Eddie (OC Hotplate) he is a stingy **** when it comes to portion control
  11. Advice? Yes, time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted. Get yourself up there in advance if you can and have a snoop.
  12. spent our OTC summer camp there this year. The camp itself is basic but adequate. For training areas we travelled out about 1-1.5 miles away near longmore ranges - excellent harbour areas there. if you have a party in the officers mess expect the campsite opposite to threaten you with the police .
    Pirbright is not too far away, and Sandhurst is easily reachable for a visit.
  13. Browndown....
    Local regs, HMS Collingwood, two miles north, huge place rammed full of naval types doing naval things, ditto HMS Sultan one mile east. Southwick Park to the north east, tri service police training area, so expect humourless, spotty, baby monkeys and the light and dark blue equivalent itching to jump on people wearing things wrong. Strange people ("Them" and their ilk) hanging out at Fort Monckton, but you won't see them. Word of warning though.. a LOT of senior officers live in the area, and don't take kindly to seeing people in uniform smoking or arsing about by the perimeter fence. Fair enough; it's in the Queens Regulations, you're wearing uniform and to the public, that's enough.It's achain link fence, not one way glass, and I know it annoys a few blokes as they drive, run, cycle or pogo stick past to see cadets or TA doing so. If you want to avoid a snot-a-gram from the Area Training Team or Garrison Sergeant Major, keep an eye on it.

    Training area is split in two, the bit over the road being the location of choice for the local teenage chavs with cider and pyromaniac tendancies, best avoided, not worth explaining the grief.
    Shingle based around the waterside, hard going on a 39 year olds knees, but sod it, I'm old and that's what Land Rovers were invented to avoid. And mossie bites are character building.
  14. 13 group, south west london go there often at least once a year, a nice little camp.