Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. The overweight, psychotic oaf, has been given a United Nations's sinecure.

    Is there NO shame in this world?

    Sorry about no links: they will come in due course.
  2. I'll save anyone else the bother.........

    A sinecure (from Latin sine = "without" and cura = "care") means an office that requires or involves little or no responsibility, labour, or active service. The term originated in the medieval church, where it signified a post without any responsibility for the "cure of souls", the regular liturgical and pastoral functions of a cleric, but came to be applied to any post, secular or ecclesiastical, that involved little or no actual work. Sinecures have historically provided a potent tool for governments or monarchs to distribute patronage, while recipients are able to store up titles and easy salaries.

    Thanks wiki.

    Just the man for the job given his "work" as an MP. Cnut.
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  3. I always thought it was based on the 'old english' words: Sine,short for Sinical (Old English spelling),c short for ****,and ure,which was old english text speak,for 'you are'.

    Therefore the real meaning,of the 'Brown sinecure' is: Brown,cynical **** you are!

    Which I think is very apt,and I see no reason to get on a high horse about it,thank you! :w00t::w00t::w00t:
  4. I just heard this on the radio, the idea of Mr Brown as a leading light in education shows how far the UN has gone in becoming another state funded home for failed famous people.

    Unless he is to be held up as an example of how even the most borderline psychotics can sometimes make the big time. There's hope for me yet.
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  5. Just goes to show that any old ****** can get any old shit job if they really want it.