Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Sick to death hearing that name Brown? Every time you hear it does your blood boil thinking of the hopeless buffoon and his incompetent government.

    Me too! Until this morning when I poured brown sauce over my bacon butty ... made me think that not all things called 'Brown' are bad. So to take the depressive edge of the name that cannot be uttered without resorting to a tirade of expletives lets have a thread on the good 'Browns'.

    Here's my effort, Englands finest landscape gardener:

    Lancelot Brown(1716–6 February 1783), more commonly known as Capability Brown, was an English landscape architect. He is remembered as "the last of the great English eighteenth-century artists to be accorded his due", and "England's greatest gardener". He designed over 170 parks, many of which still endure.


    Come on, cheer yerself up ... get yer Browns oot ...
  2. Personally, I always aimed for the brown
  3. Wiki

    The Tower pattern musket or Brown Bess, showed johnny foreigner whos boss for a century...
  4. Has to be Joe Brown for me, he was brilliant on Concert for George.

    For the uninitiated:

  5. "The Godfather of Soul".....James Brown

    And there is a Brown who is nearly as much of a cnut is Gordon.

    This one goes by the name Bobby.

    He managed to turn one of the greatest female singlers of the 80/90s into a dirty crackwhore.
  6. Faith?

    She has maaassssssseeeeevvvvveeeee t1ts
  7. I prefer his daughter Sam. :oops:
  8. Browndown in Gosport.

    Many a happy memory from there as a Cadet. Fumbling with the young girlies bra's in their sleeping bags after lights out. Maggot fights with the lads in the blocks. Picking on the weak kids. Fighting with other units on map-reading exercises. Throwing the smaller cadets into the oggin.

    Life as an instructor was great.

    Then they went and ruined it with that silly TV programme!

    I wasn't actually an instructor, I was a spacey
  9. There's those awfully nice Browns who looked after a bear ...

  10. For all you oldies (1970's) something that will jog your memory

    The famous Coventry City away strip


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  11. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Gravy is usually brown.

    I like gravy, brown gravy made from beef or lamb.

    Nice brown gravy.

    Also, the Crabs used to call us 'Brown Jobs' many years ago.

    I now realise this was meant as a compliment.
  12. Brown Windsor Soup!

    Brown sauce on NAAFI growlers!
  13. Newkie Brown.

    And a cannie bag o' tudor. The ones in the brown bag, of course.
  14. Like this?