Brown wont rule out military action in Iran

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Who does he think he's going to send? :blank:
  2. Tim Collins 8) .
  3. As CO The Queen's Own Irritated Arrsers. Could be devastating.

    Hope we learn the lesson this time - get in, smash nukes, get out.
  4. Tim Collin won't get out though. He'll stay there to intimidate them.
  5. LOL! This is going to be your answer to every problem for the next few hours I bet... :D
  6. If I were you,I'd be careful in case Tim Collins heard you.
  7. Well load up and get over there Mr Brown, shall we air drop you in? Or would you prefer to roll into Tehran in a tank?
  8. Meh... for some reason I keep thinking of the alchoholic drink, a Tom Collins, when the fellows name is mentioned. :D
  9. You've done it now. There is no hiding place.
  10. He's after my booze? :?

    Is this Collins charictor a lush?
  11. Nope, but he's already done the recce on your house.
  12. He's behind you!!!!
  13. Behind me? feel sorry for him then... had chili for lunch today. ;)
  14. You are a ghost. Tim Collins killed you ten minutes ago.
  15. send in the cadets!