Brown wont rule out military action in Iran

Brown won't rule out military action in Iran

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday he would not rule out military action against Iran, but believed a policy of sanctions could still persuade Tehran to drop its disputed nuclear programme.

"I firmly believe that the sanctions policy that we are pursuing will work, but I'm not one who's going forward to say that we rule out any particular form of action," Brown told a news conference, when asked if he would rule out a military strike against Iran.

Who does he think he's going to send? :blank:
Biscuits_AB said:
Tim Collins 8) .
LOL! This is going to be your answer to every problem for the next few hours I bet... :D
Well load up and get over there Mr Brown, shall we air drop you in? Or would you prefer to roll into Tehran in a tank?
Biscuits_AB said:
If I were you,I'd be careful in case Tim Collins heard you.
Meh... for some reason I keep thinking of the alchoholic drink, a Tom Collins, when the fellows name is mentioned. :D
Biscuits_AB said:
You've done it now. There is no hiding place.
He's after my booze? :?

Is this Collins charictor a lush?
Behind me? feel sorry for him then... had chili for lunch today. ;)
LMAO! I'm haunting ARRSE then eh? :D
I want first dibs on Khyros's loot!
You have to admit, Broon has it all sorted out.

"We" go for Iran. Of course, according to General Dannat, we are out of troops. But never mind, Gordon, someone on ARRSE has already suggested sending the cadets [both the Russians and the Germans used that scheme].

Alternatively, we can rely on "The Allies" to contribute the necessary forces. That would be ..... errrr .... Malta?
Send in that cadet that I was stuck next to for about 20 minutes the other day while in town...

did nothing but yammered on to his mate about how he should get promotion to corporal because "Rogers [name changed for persec] has effectively thrown in the towel"

He was a bigger lad than me, and he was still playing the cadet game 8O .

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