Brown will face PM challengers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 13, 2006.

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    So, will it be a coronation , or a genuine blood on the carpet fight?
  2. John Reid would make a good PM as he lies in a believable manner. Gordon Brown is a waste of space, he is a mumbling patronising idiot, if I can be so bold as to say, he s a kiss ass to the English in the way he tells us Scots to support England in their world cup bid, that in itself show’s how devious this man is. He is even trying to blag the English that he is their friend with these stunts. This man cares not for your or our country he simply wants the power.

    I for one believe he has no right to just step into the shoes of PM, 2 Sh@gs I mean 2 Jags would make a good PM of this country. He is pretty grounded, even if his d1ck is not.
  3. Depends on who does the challenging and how hacked off the left wing of the party is feeling. If Brown can make enough noises about leaning a bit more to the left than Bliar and buy off enough of the heavy hitters, he'll probably only have to face some no-name sacrificial lamb that's put up as a point of principal so that the whole affair isn't just a coronation. They might even arrange something like that anyway if they think people might be a little narked off over a straight handover of power. If one of the real backbench or Cabinet heavyweights wade in though and plant their flag firmly on the left wing of the party then there could actually be a bit of a tussle for the job.
  4. Hurrah finally the Pensions and Benefits will come back to normal if Brown gets to power.

    Except half the problems this govenrment have had have originated from this mans office anyway!!
  5. Genuine Blood Fight to the Death if I had my way.
    Hate the barsteawards.
  6. Agreed Jon, with Battleaxes on Parliament Green.

    Actually best not , Prezza would be the new PM :)
  7. Prezza !
    This person has the trappings of power for he is Blurs 'Conntact' with Old Labour who hate Blur more then I.
    We have a family friend, decent person but Left, has been since his youth, wheren't we all.
    He was offered a safe Labour seat but turned it dow as he could not stand Blur, his gang or what they stand for.