Brown vs Madoff - Celebrity Money Spunking Match


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I know, I know. Another article about how Brown is rubbish and we are all doomed to wear pants made out of sackcloth for the rest of the century, but quite a good one I think. Worth a read:

What's the difference between Bernard Madoff and Gordon Brown? Answer: one has drained fortunes from gullible victims, plundering their income and savings to create an illusion of prosperity. The other is going to jail.

Mr Madoff has thrown in the towel. His Ponzi scheme, whereby he needed to suck in ever greater quantities of other people's money in order to maintain a semblance of competence, collapsed under the weight of undeliverable expectations. Nobody knows for sure how much has gone missing, but Wall Street scribes are calling it a $65 billion fraud.

Not bad for peddling fresh air. It is, however, a nickel-and-dime swindle when set alongside the
12-year con trick perpetrated by Mr Brown on British taxpayers. That, too, has been a form of Ponzi, but with many more zeroes and little chance of the mastermind ending his days in what Americans call Crowbar Hotel.

Over the years, Mr Madoff stretched the credulity of his constituency well beyond what a rational man might have thought possible. Those who tipped cash into his coffers seemed anxious, in some cases perversely determined, not to ask difficult questions. The trompe l'oeil was too delicious to be questioned. For a while, fantasy economics passed for reality in New York and London.

When the elastic finally snapped, so did Mr Madoff's resolve. Rather than conjure yet more elaborate excuses to cover the hole where his clients' investments were supposed to be, the old rogue confessed. He could no longer bear the strain of living a lie. Coming clean, it seems, was a relief.

It's at this point that comparisons to Mr Brown come to an end. For not only is there no prospect of the Prime Minister pleading guilty, he refuses to acknowledge any aspect of his catastrophic mismanagement. It may seem impossible to believe, but Mr Brown, far from recognising that he has ruined Britain, still has plans to save the world.

Pretty solid take on why Brown is the worst thing to be inflicted on Britain since... well, erm, since the Mongols didnt get this far I'm not sure. The plague maybe?

I remain flabbergasted that he still cannot bring himself to admit that he has royally fecked up on a huge stage. As always the first step is to admit that you have a problem. Otherwise we can never be sure that he is trying to fix the right one.

Viva le election! Sooner the better.
Agreed one hundred per cent with 'jockass'. The truth will come out sooner or later. How the public cannot see that Brown took a good, viable and financially stable bank, 'married it' to a 'basket-case bank', thus ruining it completely and in all likelihood terminally.

The reasons he did this are fairly obvious.

Firstly, the HBoS 'basket-case bank' was largely northern and Scotland based.
Secondly, he was facing an election defeat in the constituency (Glenrothes) next to his own.
Thirdly, he is delusional and psychologically and psychotically flawed.
Fourthly, he has not a single clue about 'finance in the nation'.

His much trumpeted 'intellect' is clearly a myth and his even more trumpeted 'success' as Chancellor was entirely due to inheriting a very strong financial position in 1997 and his unrelenting raising of taxes - openly and stealthily.

Bliar was dreadful, but, as was predicted by many at the time, Brown is infinitely worse - clueless, incompetent and dangerous.

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