Brown U-Turns on TA Training

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. What a bloody farce...
  2. Undoutedly announced on the news before being filtered down to unit level!

    Policy making on a go anyone?

    At least its good news this time!
  3. Excellent - Get off the bus. I like it!!
  4. The BBC are saying that we're not being with hit with any budget cuts but i presuming even with this U turn we're still restricted to the 50 MTD limit so not like we're having cash thrown at us
  5. Fantastic...but I'll wait to hear from my CoC before I go dancing in the streets
  6. That article is terrebly worded. For example:
    That sounds like the cuts have been completely scrapped. Then it said:
    Which sounds like the TA are now getting £2.5 Million, but still losing £17.5 Million

    Can anyone clear this up?
  7. The cuts were £20 million, then reversed to £17.5 million to allow for 1 Drill Night per month.
  8. IIRC Bill Rammell stood up in parliament yesterday and mumbled something about taking 2.5Million out of the proposed cutback of 20Million cuts in the TA Training budgets, to allow for 1 drill night per month. From this appallingly worded statement on the BBC my guess is that the remaining 17.5 Million cutbacks has been overturned.

    I expect Cyclops didnt want to explain the actions of this bankrupted government at PMQ's tomorrow, so caved in under pressure from former Defence Secretary John Reid (He that said we would be in Afghanistan for 3 years and probably not a shot will be fired).
  9. What good is one night a month?? Its a joke!! :censored: :censored:
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Don't hold your breath. This is just the standard weekly Labour panick - policy change. I'm waiiting for the spin to settle and see the 'headline unfriendly' stealth cuts that could well amount to the same thing as their latest PR disaster.
  11. Sounds like a complete U Turn to me. Given the unpopularity of the decision I would be astonished if this meant anything other than returning to the status quo.

    Bad news for Brown loks like whatever little bit of authority he had left has just evaporated as clearly he could not carry his back benchers who I suspect would have tabled a debate on the issue.

    Now doubt he will be allowed to flounder on though as no one wants the poisoned chalice.
  12. When the e-mail from the OC arrives in my inbox that's when I'll believe it!
  13. The U Turn by Brown could be more to do with this:

    Time Business
    11.30am Oral Questions
    Cabinet Office
    Prime Minister's Question Time
    Ten Minute Rule Motion
    Rentcharges (Notification) - Andrew Gwynne
    Opposition Day (20th allotted day) – i) Local spending reports, ii) Future of the Territorial Army
    Support for UK inventors - Mr David Heath
  14. Wouldn't have looked good for him to have a lot of Labour MP's supporting a Tory motion would it!!!!!

    There a meeting of the PLP last night I reckon he got his balls chewed.. After all most Constituencies will have a TAC which the MP will be familiar with due to attendance at Remembrance parades.

    I suspect the bad press was about to strike about a non standard turnout (no marching troops) a week on Sunday.