Brown took cheap option despite plea for boost to troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. It is alleged that this is the details from a journal of a Welsh Guards platoon commander who died in May after being injured in Afghanistan were published last night.

    When is our disgraceful government going to get their act togeather and
    give our soldiers and the armed forces the vital equipment and man power they need . It breaks your heart reading this young lad Lieutenant Mark Evison, 26 details from his journal .It seems from my point of view that our government is more interested in saving money than the lives of our soldiers and armedforces which is totally disgraceful .
  2. Brown was reported as saying he was "Going to take the forces down a peg or two".

    I've said it once, I'll say it again, the underfunding is not about economics, it is deliberate policy motivated by ideology and spite.

    Men are dead because of the deliberate neglect of this one eyed buffoon.
  3. Mark Evison's mother was on Newsnight last night, she sat with a former para officer who described how chinook pilots inserted him on very hot LZs only to have to wait for the same chinook to return another 3 times to infil the rest of his men. There was only ONE helo available. This is incredibly dangerous for helo crews and their passengers because it is pattern setting. For the guys on the ground, especially on the first lift, they had to endure enemy fire for extended periods of time, whilst they waited for their colleagues to be lifted in.

    Can you imagine US Generals accepting this dangerous and at the same time pathetic state of affairs?

    Mrs Evison read out her sons diary just days before he died. Lt Col Thorneloe was due to speak with her in person, but he too died shortly after her son.

    What have Labour reduced the Armed Forces to? Why were military planners not more cautious when agreeing this op?

    I thoroughly recommend last night's Newsnight program. Check it out on i-player.
  4. How the journal of a man, now dead, who could have had no idea that his thoughts would ever reach the public domain, can be discounted when it is compared with the lies, dissembling and deceit of a disgraced government?
  5. I concurr 100%.

    The Armed Forces represent EVERYTHING the socialists despise… Loyalty, duty and tradition.
  6. What really sticks in my craw is the fact that the treasonous EU loving coward actually had the audacity to describe the mission as a "Patriotic duty" as if he even understands the concept of duty or patriotism.

  7. The Gaurdian has his number…