Brown - Too Few Helis? Not my fault, blame Generals!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    So there you have it, it's official. The reason why there were insufficient helicopters in Afghanistan (and, it could be argued, still are), is because the Commanders didn't ask for them. From the PM Questions Blog in The Guardian (They usually provide the most accurate record, incidentally, far more accurate than the Speccy):

    12.03pm: David Cameron
    As this is the last PMQs of this parliament, it is Brown's last chance to show he is accountable. Will he admit that British soldiers did not have enough helicopters when they went into Helmand?

    Brown says that he was told the troops were properly equipped when they went into Helmand: "It is right that I take full responsibility. But I take the advice of our commanding officers."

    12.05pm: Cameron says Brown's answer sums up Brown's premiership. He cannot take responsibility. He says Lord Malloch-Brown, then a Foreign Office minister, said last year there were not enough helicopters.

    Brown says Cameron should recognise that the army does have helicopters. The government spents £5bn a year in Afghanistan. Cameron should accept "that our troops have been given the equipment they need".

    Oddly enough, I do seem to recall that many Commanders, at many levels, over some time, did ask for more helicopters, but that they didn't get them. This was not unconnected with the Chancellor's raid on Heli funding a year or two before...

    The PM has been caught lying in the House, and not for the first time - but maybe for the last :)
  2. We can but hope!
  3. Please God!
  4. And will undoubtedly continue lying, until he is rendered irrelevant at the polls.....
  5. About a third of the country still believe him though. I think the last opinion poll had him at 34%

    Still good to know what percentage of the country is now either welfare dependant or employed in a public sector non-job.
  6. My bold above. 34% is I believe the most accurate figure relating to children leaving school semi-literate and barely numerate. Coincidence?
  7. No, no and thrice no. I look forward to the umpteen volumes of memoirs along the lines of 'How I Saved the World/My Amazing Courage/Saddam - My Part in His Downfall/Obama Owes Everything to Me/Nose Picking Masterclass etc etc
  8. You missed out "Lagging One's Keks Under Pressure"
  9. Proof?
  10. Poll spoken of yesterday by Andrew Neil gave Brown a confidence/approval rating of 40%. Cameron apprarently got 42%

    Not just the parties polling that is closing.
  11. Whet is here to take the focus off the thread, dont let him. This thread is about Helicopters and Brown's inability to equip the forces for the task in Afghanistan.

    A second question about helicopters and the armed forces was also asked but not answered by him, that of how we go from 550 airframes to 330.
  12. Maybe, and maybe the Labour voters round your neck of the woods are like that. I’m in London, Islington way. Round here all the Labour voters are well educated and earning north of £50k a year (VERY MINIMUM) working as some ‘head of strategy’ for some government department, or some government funded agency. It’s impossible to talk to these people, they preach at you in the most lofty condescending manner. And if you’re not falling over yourself to indorse mass immigration, extra government spending and environmentalism your branded as evil.

    It’s not like there are a few, I shit you not, round here there are hundreds of them. All operating in a smug cocoon of self righteousness.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    "Roosevelt is dead my Fuhrer, the tide is turning, we are on the verge of victory, we will prevail, we will turn back the Russians at the gates of Berlin.... etc, etc"

    Will you stay in the Bunker to the end or are you off to South America some time soon?
  14. Well if your after my personal opinion I'm a old fashioned Tory, So I don't approve of either of them.
  15. Brown has been instrumental since day one(02 May 1997) in dening adequate funding for the military whilst every left wing pet project has been funded in full.It is just the feeble man's mindset.Simple as.