Brown to sell our Health Records

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Next time you get fecked off for Life insurance, it could be because someone knows something about your state of health that you don't

    Doctors fight plans to hand medical records to researchers and private companies

    The British Medical Association has attacked plans which could give researchers and private companies access to NHS medical records without patients' consent.

    The association said the Government was "dancing with the devil" with its proposals to give researchers, which could include commercial organisations, access to a giant computer database of patient records.

    The Government's own health information watchdog has also written to ministers to express his concern about the [Full Story]
  2. That's okay if you're fit and healthy, but if like me you have serious health issues, it's not that advisable to do so. Which the likes of me are the very ones that the Private Companies want information on.
  3. Anyone else find the words 'data' and 'protection' (as in racket) somewhat oxymoronic?
  4. it does mean that people will stop being honest with their doctor. I will harm peoples health, not that the government cares about that.

    When you see your doctor, make sure you do not volunteer any info.

    "sorry, i can't answer that question"
  5. There is a hidden use of your medical records that the Department of Health does not tell patients about.

    Every time you attend a hospital as either an outpatient, inpatient or an A&E attendence, all your personal and clinical details are sent to BT WITHOUT your consent. Even sensitive procedures such as abortions/terminations are sent to BT.

    BT acts as a clearing house and sends your hospital a records to your Primary Care Trust, Strategic Health Authority, the Department of Health and even ‘Dr Foster’.

    Your personal and clinical details include your postcode, date of birth, NHS number, GP details, consultant details, hospital, clinic your attended, procedure/operation, when you were admitted to hospital, the date of your discharge and whether you will be seen at the hospital again. As there are only 3 or 4 addresses to a postcode, with a date of birth it is easy to identify someone. See ‘Helen’s story‘ for further information.

    If you attend a mental health clinic or are mental health inpatient this means that even more detailed personal and clinical information will be collected on what is known as a “Minimum Data Set” and sent to BT.

    When the new NHS Care Records are fully operational this will also mean your GP records and any Sexual Health/GUM Clinic you have attended will be available for the Department of Health to use for these secondary purposes. At the present time your GP records do not leave your GP surgery, nor do your Sexual Health/GUM Clinic attendence medical records leave the clinic. In future, even if you choose to lock down your medical records or place sensitive information in sealed envelopes, this will all still be sent to the private comapny and distributed without your consent.

    The Department of Health says that when your medical records are used for secondary uses they will be anonymised, but this could not be further from the truth. I have obtained a document from the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Act that Professor Ross Anderson from Cambridge University put on his website, which says that they will not be anonymising this medical data. To find out just how much of a threat to privacy NHS Care Records represent, read on…

    The Big Opt Out

    Above is an extract. There was a horror story called "Helens Story" which she was inadvertently labelled an alcoholic by some penpusher ticking the wrong box on the computer screen.

    It had quite a detrimental effect on her as this information barred her employability etc and she had a devils job removing it.
  6. The main problem surrounding the Spine and the patient records system is that it was initially projected at X millions, and within a few months of the trials and testing period, went into the billions... and is still growing.

    It was clumsily set up, hospital computer systems compatibility was totally ignored , hence so many issues with records not showing, details flashing up to users who weren't security cleared, and the intelligence and expertise that was helping to manage the front line support was completely ignored and used as a political tool - as always - to create jobs in a different part of the country.

    Trust me, I know what I'm talking about... :x

    Selling the health records to companies is the government's way of trying to recoop some of the money which they've wasted whilst trying to stick to their IT target set in 2007, regardless of the outcome. It's scandalous, and we probably won't do anything to stop them as the the UK population,as a whole, just don't seem interested enough to take a stand on this issue.

    I'd ask for a copy of records prior to requesting that they're taken off the spine...knowing the way it works, they'll get "lost" or deleted completely, if they are actually removed... :roll:
  7. Article about Helen's Story below:

  8. I have three times asked 'nicely' for my records to be removed. No success so far.
  9. Use the "Opt Out" letter at this link and print and send to your GP.

    Create an Opt Out letter

  10. This government is hateful - filled with hate and easy to hate because of these types of intervention.
  11. I've seen my records too. I went to see my GP about an eye infection, and noticed that my GP was spending more time looking at my right elbow than my eye, after a few minutes he came out with 'the surgeon was good, I can't see the scar'...... According to my notes, I had recently had an compound fracture to my right elbow area, and had had 2 plates put in, apparently without me noticing!

    The words 'Public Sector' and 'Data' fill me with dread...
  12. It's all part of Browns plan to control our entire lives.

    There soon won't be a need for a Police force, they just sent a Scientist to take a Dab with a Swab, whack it into the DNA machine, and Hey-Fecking-Presto - "Your're fecking Guilty my Son".

    They just want everything. And still dumb arrsed cnut's say, 'If you haven't done anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about'.
  13. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I was with you there until you mentioned Ross Anderson, who seems to me to be a 'rent-a-quote' idiot who pops up everywhere, trying to drum up business for himself and his cronies. He was known as a bit of a t1t when he was an undergraduate and doesn't seem to have changed.

    Don't get me wrong, I think there some very serious issues at stake here, but can we get a more sensible professor.

    And I certainly would not trust BT with data, having come across their work in the field of Identity Management!
  14. I'll save them the bother.


    Severely damaged and non functional thyroid.
    Loose chip of bone in c-spine.
    Spina Bifida Occulta.
    Eats Lard.
    Manic Depressive.
    Family history of heart disease and mental illness.

    There. Done.
  15. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Is that neat lard, or do you make lardy cakes with it?