Brown to increase Security Spending

Whilst there are many rumours about spending cuts (which the MOD has denied), here is a more positive piece of news . :wink:

"We will spend what it takes on security to safeguard the British people" - Chancellor Gordon Brown

Brown to spend millions on security
10.22AM, Wed Jul 7 2004

Britain's security services will be given hundreds of millions of pounds to boost the war on terror, Chancellor Gordon Brown said.

Mr Brown has ruled out a pre-election spending spree but he said he would spend whatever it took to keep the people of Britain safe.

The Chancellor will set out his plans for the next three years on Monday with a squeeze on spending.

But in a key speech he said extra money would go on strengthening security at home and on tackling terrorists abroad. He said the Government's "first duty" is to defend the people of Britain.

"I will make available the resources needed to strengthen security at home and take action to counter the terrorist threat at home and abroad," he said.

"Those who wish to cut in real terms the budget even for security will need to answer to the British people. We will spend what it takes on security to safeguard the British people."

Meanwhile, detectives are continuing to question a suspected Moroccan terrorist, Scotland Yard confirmed.

The 28-year-old was arrested following a raid in east London and is being detained on suspicion of the "commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism".

Police searched three homes in the capital following the arrest and said the suspect is being held under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000

Armed police from Scotland Yard's specialist SO19 firearms unit were sent to the flat where the man was apprehended at 4am yesterday.

Police said firearms officers were used as a precaution and the suspect is not believed to have been armed. Forensic teams checked over the address and visited two other premises in the capital to conduct detailed searches.

They are not thought to have found explosives or chemicals but are likely to seize documents and computers.

Another Moroccan, Farid Hilali, 35, appeared in court this week on an extradition warrant from Spain which alleges he was linked to an al-Qaeda cell in Madrid.

However, yesterday's arrest is not believed to be linked to Hilali.

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington there have been more than 500 arrests under anti-terrorism legislation in the UK, many of them for providing support to terrorist groups.
Aaahhh, I see ask the forces to cut manpower and ships and then announce that spending is going up in real terms! :roll:

Where the fick does he get the neck from to spout this shiit?

His head and his arrse have got mixed up. He's spouting the usual shiit again like all true New Labour. Say one thing, when the opposite is really happening.

Remember regime change begins at home :evil:
Grasping Gordon said:
"We will spend what it takes on security to safeguard the British people" - Chancellor Gordon Brown
What he really means:

'We will say whatever it takes to suit our purpose at the time'

'We will waste millions on focus groups, working parties and inquiries, without coming to any conclusion'

'We will increase the number of civil servants whilst cutting the Forces and making life ever more difficult for the Police'

'If we throw enough money at illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and minority groups they won't think we're bad people and won't attack us'

Does anyone in their right mind actually believe any of New Labour's outpourings?


What this relates to is the sudden desperate realisation by the Government that a bunch of cross-eyed dorks in corduroy suits aren't necessarily the right people to try to infiltrate radical Al Qa'eda splinter cells in this country. Consequently, large quantities of money are being heaved around in the hope of attracting a big inflow of 'ethnic minority' recruits into MI5 etc, as well as upping the wedge which is out on the streets to pay for informers, surveillance teams and all the rest of the spooky paraphernalia.

Unfortunately, the salaries offered by MI5 are so miserable - much worse than ours at comparable levels of responsibility - that clever, well-motivated ethnic-minority types are going to continue to do what they have always done: go into professions where there talents are properly rewarded.
I am dubious abot this too but he has also stated that there will be more money for the MOD and Civil Defence?

Another of Todays Newspaper Articles

Brown to spend extra £500m in terror fight

GORDON BROWN was today pledging to spend what it takes to protect Britain from terrorists signalling extra spending on homeland security expected to total £500 million a year.

He will confirm the increase on the existing £2 billion set aside for the war on terror in the Comprehensive Spending Review announcement on Monday.

The extra cash will be spread across MI5, MI6, the police and the Government’s hi-tech listening post GCHQ in Cheltenham. There will also be extra money for the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office to ensure a joined up approach to defeat the killer extremists.

A key priority will be recruiting more agents in the Muslim community who speak fluent Arabic to infiltrate the terror networks.

There will also be more money to upgrade the hi-tech eavesdropping equipment at GCHQ in a bid to keep tabs on al-Qaida and the other extremists seeking to mount an attack on Britain.

Today Mr Brown was addressing the Royal Society of Arts in London making clear the high priority he and the Government put on tackling the terror threat to the UK.

He was expected to say: "A British government’s first duty is the defence of its citizens, the people of Britain.

"The terrorist threat has never been more challenging, the demands on those charged with out security never greater. . . .

I will spend what it takes on security to safeguard the public."
This sounds like Blair ,Brown etc have bought a load of cheap crap gear and need to offload it. HVM anyone or Eurofighter or sa80 a2? :evil: :cry:
Mr Brown has ruled out a pre-election spending spree but he said he would spend whatever it took to keep the people of Britain safe.
In other words, vote for us and we will spend the money then.


We really need to get that voting campaign organised. :evil:
What brown won't mention is the money coming back to the treasury to off set the increase in assets (property, hardware, etc) owned by the various departments (The MoD, NHS etc.) ...i think it is about 15 - 20% of the budget for the NHS...ah the joys of the Treasury accounting system.

When you throw in the annual pay increment, the increasing cost of services (water, electricity, etc), pension provisions, increase in national insurance contributions, cost of doing business, ever increasing numbers of managers and civil servants for each department, you really have to wonder that any money gets spent on actaully doing the job the departments are there to do...

New Labour - new disaster wrapped in a pretty red bow
Far from keeping his public promises, Grasping Gordon has already withheld 200m quid of the money pledged to pay for ops in Iraq. That now comes out of the moD's own kitty, which to all intents and purposes, is empty. I'd wager the forces will see not one groat of this "extra" money at the sharp end. It'll be filtered off long before it translates into frontline kit - if it's paid out at all. :twisted:

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