Brown to give help to army families

Brown to give help to army families
PM to offer housing aid and job training in bid to win support over Afghan war

Toby Helm and Mark Townsend
The Observer, Sunday 15 November 2009
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Gordon Brown has ordered a series of new measures to help military families get on the housing ladder and find jobs amid growing fears that the loss of public support for the war in Afghanistan could spread to the forces community.

In an unprecedented move that reflects deepening anxiety in government about low morale among soldiers' relatives, the prime minister has invited 80 members of forces families, including wives and grandparents of serving soldiers, to Downing Street this week for a private reception to discuss their concerns.


War Hero
Publicity stunt, nothing more.
Skynet said:
Brown to give hope to army families
By resigning immediately, calling a General Election and temporarily handing over the running of the country to somebody at least barely competent (which means Mandelson, of course ...)
A panic move, the election is on the horizon and he wants the Army "On Side". What A Twunt! :x :x :x
If this was with the best of intentions it seems to me that they are now doing what needed to be done at least six years ago. How was it that they thought they could continue to send an army to Afghanistan for the next ten years without ensuring all was well on the home front. Poor pay and appalling single and married accommodation being just two of the beefs. I despair at their lack of foresight and intelligent anticipation of the needs of its forces at war.
TBH every government has had the 'Dark Age' philosophy of looking upon military families more like 'camp followers'.


johnboyzzz said:
Is this after he says sorry for all the kids getting sent to Australia :?
What? The lateral transfers you mean?


Manley said:
A panic move, the election is on the horizon and he wants the Army "On Side". What A Twunt! :x :x :x
Erm, thats politics surerly offer a carrot to get votes? Its hardly a new idea.

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