Brown to give evidence to Chilcot Inquiry before election

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. Just announced on BBC News.

    That'll be interesting.....
  2. No doubt he'll do the same as he does at PMQs: come armed with lots of facts and figures and avoid answering the questions.
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    Calculation: 'Right thing to do' x 'Saddam was an evil man' = Plays better with the Sun readers.
  4. Mr Chilcot has been under considering pressure, (Nick Clegg's HoP recent statement for example) to push for Mr Brown to appear before the election, even though GB has already stated he'd be willing to accept being called forward,
  5. Paw Broone will be like the Dickens character, Mr Grandgrind from the novel 'Hard Times'. He will arm himself with nothing but 'Facts, Facts' probably supplied by one A Campbell Esq...

    Paw Broones legacy to us all... f*cking hard times....

    One wonders if he will try and shift some of the blame on old Teflon in some way...... or if the Chilcot quesioners will be leant on to give Broone a easy ride...... :x

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  6. Whats the big deal, its not as if he's actually going to say anything is it?
  7. Of course not but that doesn't really matter. This isn't PMQ's and he can't fluff his way out of difficult questions without it being very obvious and every word that dribbles from the corner of his unhinged chops will be forensically examined by the press.

    Result, Brown's shafting of the army will become received wisdom which is hardly going to help him in the GE. Between him and Blair they might just sink Labour for a generation.

    Good combat indicator of how he might perform in the televised election debates too. 8O :lol:
  8. I think that the Chilcot Inquiry will be no different to the other 3 inquiry's that have already taken place.
    All the witnesses seem to be denying responsibility and are now blaming each other!
    In other words, it's a circus, and none of them are even on oath!
    Nobody has got the balls to put their hands up and say "I was at fault" and "i made a mistake".
    These cowards are all as spineless as each other.
    These are the people who send our good blokes to war.
  9. I'll always remember the first time a mate of mine was killed. The solemn faces in the cookhouse afterwards, the knowledge that his wife was about to get 'the knock' and the realisation that another face could quite as easily disappear tomorrow.

    It didn't play on my mind at the time and we just got on with it - but looking back, I would like to know why. Why were we in Iraq? Why were we never given the manpower or tools to do anything other than make targets of ourselves? What was the purpose of our presence in Basra city in 06/07? Ultimately, why were so many bright young lads burned alive, blown to pieces and shot dead, and for what?

    Sickeningly, we all know that the politicians involved will take those answers to the grave. They won't offer anything more than unsubstantial rhetoric and we - the public - won't force them to. This enquiry will point a few fingers and 'tut' a little, but the major players will walk free and get on with their lives without a second thought for the sons, brothers, fathers and friends they murdered.
  10. Well put, DD. I wish I had a better answer than the one you've already provided, but I haven't. Brown will lose no opportunity to express his regret but will, of course, sidestep any real responsibility, stressing collective Cabinet decisions. And any accusations of Treasury underfunding will be met with the usual obfuscation and weasel words. If I had my way, every male candidate for Parliament would have to have spent at least two years in the Armed Forces, but Cool Britannia sneers at quaint notions of that sort.
  11. This is not "challenging nor enquiring" as a business system audit/evaluation is.
    All I have is talk about past events.
    No refering to notes or examination of documents.Pouring over minutes of meetings
    It's a game to them- a joke even
    It's a bit like an episode of Kavanagh with learned people playing roles/jesting with words/ languid expressions and postures instead of persuit/the knife/blood whilst real people stand on the sidelines and are ignored.

    Nothing will come of it, no blame will be asigned no "lessons will have been learned"

    Like politics - and to a degree the Law- it just a game to them.
  12. The post above is as stark, moving and undoubtedly truthful as any on the site.

    Many of us have seen those '...solemn faces in the cookhouse...' and wondered.

    I believe that the reason '...why we were in Iraq....' was entirely as a result of one man's caprice and his misguided sense of 'destiny'. This fatal attitude was allied to his lack of understanding of the consequences of his ill judged, ill thought out grievous misadventure.

    Additionally, the malicious and spiteful refusal by another highly placed in government to fund adequately this tragic misadventure, is verging on treasonous. The failure of the prime minister at the time to dismiss the recalcitrant individual referred to above was cowardice in extreme and undoubtedly affected the operation adversely.

    The failure of the man, charged with control of the Armed Forces to acquire adequate equipments and training opportunities, to resign - clearly stating his reasons for doing so - when he was denied these requirements, was criminal.

    The 'advice' on the legality of the proposed invasion of a sovereign state must rank as one of the greatest failures of duty and correctness ever in public life in the nation's history.

    The role played by unelected 'spin doctors' in No. 10 is a reason for shame.

    All that said, I remain convinced that the whole Chilcot Inquiry will result in 'whitewash' and the blame for all that went wrong will be as a result of eighteen years of Tory misrule and particularly the blame will be upon Mrs. Thatcher.
  13. Not just the Army either, as the BBC's Have Your Say includes comments such as this (from an MOD source perhaps?):

    "well there did seem for many that is you NR, we have been banging on about all week , you are so behind the curve on this.

    Yet more cynical manoevering by GB to spin his way out of this,

    Hope they go hard on him about the Helo and spending, I'd like to be there to brief the committee with the facts about the chinook fiasco
    that he made substantially worse but "pulling" the monies.

    what the committee will have to remember that we were in a so called period of economic plenty (although is was back on debt).

    what he did with the MLH programme (meduim lift helo)
    what he did with the Future Link (wildcat) programme.

    I'll give you a clue delays , cancellation and cut back as he pulled the purse strings.

    From about 2001 I got a call about working on the Future Link programme
    but it did not get going until around 2006 with the number played around with.

    but it goes much deeper than that, the T23 frigates Command system
    fell of a cliff in 1998, when they were due to start the next phase of development, but this did not start until 2001/2002 a four year delay due
    to funding issues from the MOD based on GB pulling the purse strings.

    The cheaper option of going for the JSF rather than navalising the EFA.
    gutting the Harrier and Killing the Jaguars.

    This was nothing short of industrial vandalism but also playing with our
    independant capabilities that would allow us to be free of US control , like our friends accross the channel in France. Nothing has happened like this since TSR2, "
  14. "major players will walk free and get on with their lives without a second.."

    Most sickeningly they will make an awful lot of £.
  15. So what happened to the famed leadeship in the Army during this period? I do believe General Jackson stood up and said "We are ready".
    Soldiers have been stitched up by their own officers as well as treasonous politicians.

    Personally I found Jack Straw's evidence fascinating. The advantage of waiting so long for thi inquiry is that some of the politicians involved are in the twilight of their careers. It all points to two men, Blair and Campbell. Brown was the financial wrecker but the Chiefs of Staff were totally spineless in their dealings with him. Strange when they were supposedly ferocious fighters. Pathetic even .

    A friend of mine will be in the family's room when. Blair gives his evidence. I think he is going to be made to feel very uncomfortable.