Brown to double exports to China

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BlueDanubeWalt, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Serious question...watching the news at ten...what the fcuk do we make that anyone in the world can be remotely interested in...I presume that we in the above case would be re-exporting refinished items that contain 70% of Far East/Chinky this another one of 'Cyclops' pipe dreams/flights of fancy...?? he on heavy hallucogenic(spelling :oops: ) drugs...??
  2. The UK have always been ingenious and excellent in quality manufacturing and production. With the reliance of cheap overseas components etc. in recent years and now the world recession you might find that once again UK becomes a manufacturing power. It may well still rely on a high percentage of foreign components but I think nowadays that is totally unavoidable.

    I wouldn't feel too downbeat, eventually some good will start to emerge during this recession.
  3. Lots of very high tech stuff that, I've no doubt, the little bar-stewards will analyse, reverse engineer and rip-off the first chance they get.
  4. Well whatever it is, we clearly export £5bn of it already, so why not £10bn?
  5. britian is one of the world leaders in the market of ball bearing exports
  6. Yes, all true. But our Politcal masters such as Gollum, Mandelson, and B'Lair before, are in the forefront of manufaturers of crap and bull!

    B'Liar and now Mandelson and Pals manufacture the bull, and Gollum tries to sell it to the dozy and easily deluded. Maybe Gollum is on some form of medication (allegedly) to try and keep in control of himself. These 'flights of fancy' might be a side effect..... Maybe he hopes the Chinese will 'Spend, Spend, Spend' their way out of recession like he hopes everybody else will do.

    No way Gollum. If you ain't got the cash, why dig yourself into the kaka even deeper? :p
  7. Speaking from Shanghai as an 'old China hand', a great deal is bought from the UK, the Chinese are rather Anglophile and regard 'the land of Gentlemen' as being a cut above the usual euro b0llocks. As everyone else they will course buy German when it comes to engineering but British comes a very close second. What do they buy? -

    Rollers, Bentley's, Aston Martins, Range Rovers, Land Rovers (anything flash and imported from the UK has a huge status, BMW's respect collapsed when they started making the 5 series in China), loads of fashion stuff, Chemicials, machine tools, just about every type of engineering widget you can think of, they would love to buy UK weapons but the EU won't let them, turbines including wind ones, Jet engines, any engines, Oil drilling gear, any and all high technology - there are literally hundreds of medium to small UK outfits here in partnership with major Chinese companies, Education - a large number of UK Unis (good ones) are opening major campuses in China, Scotch - they looooove it! UK, Legal, Media, Insurance and financial services are very big here.

    Never forget that the Chinese usually learn one extra language and thats English, they really cannot be arrsed to learn another one. Also that the special experimental zone of a free democraticish market economy in China is Hong Kong - which is based on long established UK systems.

    But hey the ONE thing the Chinese never understand is the British insistance on bad mouthing the UK, its gets lost in translation and becomes modesty. Which the Chinese regard as a virtue so yet again the ' land of Gentlemen' wins out over the boastful yanks.

    Brown however has NOTHING to do with 'doubling exports' thats just a gift from the Chinese Government making it easier for UK companies to do business in China. And they are doing that because of Obamas new protectionist laws ie the but American steel tarifs.
  8. Yes was going to say scotch, the BBC has this big red container thing that they are using to look at world trade, and scotch to China was it's first trip, IIRC. And as a landlord to York Uni I can say this place is crawling with Chinese students. And don't believe what you read, there is nothing wrong with their English, thick as their accents are.
  9. 20 odd years ago, didn't we have to get the bearings for the Scorpion from, I think, Checkoslovakia, which was then in the Warsaw Pact? Things must be looking up!
  10. Sheffield has moved from bulk steel to high-end steel products in that time, so maybe from there?
  11. I fail to understand the concept of increasing exports to help the unemployment/credit crunch in the UK.

    As Brown keeps saying, (to his optimistic point of absolution) this is a global recession.

    The rapid expansion of China is coming to a grinding halt.

    China imports last month stood at $US72.2 billion down 21.3 per cent from a year ago.

    Conversely, China’s government announced that they would increase export tax rebates on some 3,770 export items, a little more than a quarter of its exports. It has already announced a four-trillion-yuan (586-billion-dollar) stimulus package to be spent on infrastructure and other projects to boost an ailing domestic economy.

    Seems a pretty unconvincing soundbite to me.
  12. Read the stats re UK Exports, they are easy to be found and as Mr Jihad points out you will soon find that Britain still has a great export tradition.

    Don't knock it

    And as for mad_mac If you fail to understand the economic benefits of increased exports I would suggest a short course on (oh the irony) "Economics".
  13. Maybe he’s going to throw them the other shoe?

  14. It was a lot longer than 20 years ago and IIRC it was ball bearings for Chieftain from Russia - '70's?
  15. Perhaps if you read through my points you may have understood that China is increasing its exports and cutting down on imports.

    Funnily enough, what China is doing and every other G20 country inclusive of the UK.

    This would seem to indicate that a UK increase in exports to China would not be met with the resultant sales market.

    Whilst I acknowledge that a weakened Sterling makes the UK export market more attractive, i do not believe this will be enough to encourage major non domestic expenditure.

    As for Chinas four-trillion-yuan (586-billion-dollar) boost to the economy, this is destined to remain "in house" as are the spending plans of the other G20 nations.

    Maybe a course in economic grammatical interpretation (oh the irony!!!) is in order. :twisted: