Brown to deport foreign criminals, is it too little too late

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. is it too little too late?
    people have been saying this should happen for many years, but the gov hasn't done anything about it.

    brown taking a tough line on this is far from the blair years, i dont think the comment "We are going to take a far tougher line. I want a message to go out - if you come here you work and you learn our language. If you commit a crime you will be deported. You play by the rules or you face the consequences." would have come out of blair back in the day.

    i feel this is the right way, but i feel that the age old argument that if they claim that they will be killed in their country, then the human rights act stops us from deporting them? if each of the 4,000 claim that, how many will realy be deported?

    a few weeks back, i was listening to Jon Gaunt on TalkSport, and he said (not a exact quote) "we need to bin the human rights act, it only helps foreign criminals and terrorist by stopping us from deporting them on the ground that they fear from their life. what about our human right not to live in fear of being blown up every day? if you come to this country, you live by our law or you get deported, thats what the law should be" (he alsy had something along those lines in column in the Sun, at first i wasnt sure but with recent terrorist being jailed here (when they would be executed in their country. meaning we cant deport them) maybe it is time to, maybe not bin, but amend the human rights act so that foreign criminals can be deported with out spending one day in a british prision? if they know that they will 100% be deported back to their country, then they might not become criminals, so then there would be less foreign nationals committing crime?
  2. 4000 eh? that'll leave a couple of hundred thousand still here.

    Bet it doesn't work. 'Cyclops' Brown can only spout numbers and so called statistics.
  3. unless gordon can sort out the immigration service its been a mess since the 1980s at least.
    then what do we do with somali's etc gits from states that don't really function
  4. Never happen. Just another "Look at the size of mine!" soundbite. As soon as they try to put it into practice, the Human Rights brigrade will sh1t on them from a great height, and the whole idea will be quietly buried.

    About as believable as Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime.

    Anyone remember how that one turned out?
  5. I think it's too litte, too late. 4000 is a drop in the ocean and once the human rights lawyers get in on the act the numbers will be wittled down further.

    1) We can't deport them to countries where they have the death penalty or dubious interrogation techniques...

    2) We can't even deport them to countries where THEY will deport them further on down the line (I think there was a case where we wouldn't deport a suspected terrorist to France because they may deport him somewhere else, even though France said they wouldn't).

    Most of these have criminal pasts when they get here, so obviously we need to stop them getting in as well as sending them back.

    15 percent of our prison population are foreign prisoners, even if we send back 4000 a year, it will take years and years as new ones arrive anyway and others commiting crimes.

    I take it with a huge barrel of industrial salt; this government is handy with the words, but no actions.

    It is alright to moan about Russia not extraditing Radioactive Man, but they want us to extradite a Chechnyan terrorist (which we won't) and a dubious billionaire who claims he won't get a fair trial in Russia but won't even fcuk off to Brazil where he is wanted on 'fraud charges'.
  6. Given our borders are so porous, what then stops them coming back?

    While our prisons are so cushty thats hardly a deterent either. I'm normally quite liberal but these are things that need a right wing approach.

  7. it all seems to come down to human rights, correct me if im wrong it was put in to stop something like the mass killing of the jews to happen again, but now has become out of control? is it time to bin it? or just change it to say 'if you do crime you do time, IN YOUR FECKING COUNTRY' if they will get killed in their country they should think about that before doing crime in the UK tell them 100% deportation for any crime and they wont want to do it
  8. There's no chance that any meaningful deportation can take place. I reckon they'll make squeaky noises for a while then put out an amnesty. Ditching the HRA is a start but you can bet that our old friend Shami Chakrabati (or however it's spelt) will be bleating like a mad thing over it.
  9. That's still ongoing:

    Parking bay spy cameras will trap drivers - with no traffic wardens required
  10. Yeah her, she was on the BBC (sigh...again) this week. To be fair to the beeb they asked her why her organisation didn't stick up for abused muslim women. She rattled on how that LIBERTY was such a 'small' organisation that didn't have enough money to deal with it. Yeah right...

    Back on topic, at least Tony Blair's new neighbourhood is being terrorised by Albanian gangs stealing the money out of parking meters. See how that cnut likes it....
  11. Nice to know he's set a target. That'll solve everything, then.

    Any mention of how he's going to ensure that the enforcement teams get the right person and all of them? Thought not.

    1/10. Gordon, see me after class.
  12. No worries, mate! the new Border Force(CO, Gorden "Cyclops" Broon)will keep us safe!

    In case I was being too subtle - yes, that was sarcasm.
  13. Of those of the 4000 he intends to deport but can't due to Human Rights... a penal battalion should be formed and posted indefinetly to patrol The Ducie:

    Anti-Clockwise on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Clockwise on all others, with sports afternoons on Wednesdays for 1000 a side football. 3 Days off a year on Saint Swithins Day, Saint Augustine of Hippo Day, and Saint Bede the Venerable Day.
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Leave the poor man alone. He's only been in the Cabinet for 10 years and all these things take time. :oops:

    How come our political reporters are giving this twat such an easy time. He's going around as if Labour has only just come into power and spending all his time scraping all the decisions made by him and his merry band over the last 10 years.
  15. Seconded