Brown to call election?


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seems this was posted on Twitter earlier - then shortly after the account was deleted. Iain Dale has it, as do a number of others -


I very much doubt it. Just caught this on BBC News.

Tory leader David Cameron has seized on remarks by Gordon Brown - who said an election would cause "chaos" - to urge him to go to the country immediately.

In angry Commons exchanges, Mr Cameron asked what he meant by the remarks.

The prime minister replied: "What would cause chaos is if a Conservative government were elected and caused public spending cuts."

Mr Cameron hit back: "So there we have it - the first admission that you think you are going to lose."
I'm starting to get the gag reflex when I hear the Tories - no strangers to sleaze, lets face it - trot out "Election! Election!" as the universal panacea. Its not a matter for the electorate, its a matter for Parliament. The Tories have been as guilty of troughing as Labour - at least NuLab have not billed for moat cleaning - and saw no problem with it when they where in power.

The diktat from Central Office - "steer the conversation towards ELECTION! The answer to any questions is, ELECTION! ELECTION! " is just soooo clear. Heard Lord Lamont on R4 this morning, even he was suckered into the squawking response.

Its embarrassing. Next ploy from Cameron is usually to say that Brown is scared of an election. Bet I'm right.


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Surely Liz has got to do the decent thing soon and tell him to b****r off?
This is not a Labour issue. MPs ahve been able to claim expenses in this manner for years. All parties did so, the schadenfreude is just myopic.
I would like there to be an election. Not because of sleaze or expenses,but because we will have to tackle our massive public debt at some time and the sooner the better. The government is not dealing with it now because there will have to be an election next year and unless Paul Daniels helps him Brown is stuffed. As party leader as well as PM.

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