Brown to announce Iraq War inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    interesting timing - can cyclops be looking to shift the spotlight onto teflon tony?
  2. I'd put money on it. Good f*cking move though....maybe Tony shouldn't have bad mouthed him. Reckon that this was always going to be Brown's ace up the sleeve?

    I hope it's true. I want to see Bliar squirming.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    oh my god yes... get that grinning, slippery, slimy little spiv sh1t and get him to account for the mess it turned out to be for everyone.
  4. I can only interpret this as a last throes martyrdom action targeting the scheming Blairista clique and to wipe that smug grin off Mr Tony's lying orange mug.

    May seventy management consultants greet him in a the public-private partnership of free market heaven. Allāhu Akbar Haji Broon!
  5. All I can say is about fcuking time.

    OK cyclops is trying to take the heat off himself and drop his Tonyness in the sh1te, but this should have been done within weeks of him becoming dictator, I mean PM.
  6. Hammer. Nail. Head!

    And if there is God in Heaven please let the Wide Mouthed Frog be involved. However what is the betting that "sensitive US provided Intelligence which cannot be divulged etc etc etc ....." comes into play.
  7. No doubt as a taxpayer I will be paying for this feckin inquiry to tell all of us what we already know. Sure it would be nice to see Bliar and his cronies squirm but I would have preferred to see it many years ago!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    BOTH of them should be bought to book imho,and not just on Iraq either.The's the shoddy kit,the decision to use Snatch Landies,ect to name two.
  9. Agree about the waste of millions of taxpayers money.

    The reason for our involvement was simply to stand by the US and ensure they weren't going it alone. Anything else was used to try and justify our part in other ways

  10. Any inquiry into the Iraq fiasco is going to take years to come to resolution, just look at what happened with the Bloody Sunday inquiry, still not reported over 10 years since convening, and anyone who thinks that this government hasnt shredded evidence that may be "controversial" is fooling themselves. Gordon Brown will be history before this inquiry reports.
  11. Don't get your hopes up, there is a world of difference in announcing that an inquiry will be held, then actually having the bollox to get one started, (still waiting for our referendum on the Lisbon Treaty are we not?) but the most interesting part in all of this is what the terms of reference would be.
    They will be so narrow and restrictive so as to totally meaningless, so the man who writes the terms of reference that the inquiry is about pretty much writes the report, they can and will not be strayed from.
    Too many porkies told, far too many witnesses still in post (and available) and evidence recoverable if the terms of reference was to be a bit on the actual "inquiry" side of things and it was a real inquiry like a murder investigation, to go where the evidence takes you.
    We can only dream.
    As someone (in Africa I think) once said when asked of his chances in the next election, "It is not who gets the most votes that wins, but the man who counts them."
    A bit like the geezer that decides what exactly the inquiry should be all about in terms of reference.
    Wonder who that would be then?
  12. Given the Saville inquiry is still going on, and is, in essence, dealing with a single day's events, I imagine that Brown and Blair could be long dead by the time this inquiry reports - watch the terms of reference start with inquiring into the success of UNSCOM/UNMOVIC and their reports, the No Fly Zones, Desert Fox, failure of the oil for food progamme and only then, in about 2025 and several hundred million quid later, getting onto the dodgy dossier, etc, etc - before eventually blaming God for telling George and Tony that they had to do it....
  13. Often, as here, the most valid and important points are those made reductio ad absudum.

    Brown's statement is no more than a 'headline-grabbing' political gesture devoid of substance.

    Any inquiry would be conducted in accordance with the Inquiries Act 2005, a pernicious piece of Stalanist New Labour legislation under which the investigation of culpable acts or omissions on the part of the executive are investigated by the executuve, and a finding arrived at - by the executive! Condemned internationally it is designed for the sole purpose of converting fact to fiction and to arrive at a finding favourable to the Government.

    You can write off the truth the moment any of its provisions are invoked and you can bet that it will remain in force, unrepealed by whatever government achieves power in the next election.
  14. You mean my sarcasm was unintentionally well-informed? Have to make sure that doesn't happen again! :)