Brown throws a hissy or two on TV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. He's coming unglued! :D :D :D :D

    Gordon Brown in angry exchanges with broadcasters
    Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, walked out of a television interview while the cameras were still rolling during a series of angry exchanges with broadcasters.

    By Rosa Prince, in Brighton
    Published: 2:00PM BST 30 Sep 2009

    Mr Brown was clearly frustrated as he was repeatedly challenged over his personality, leadership and the defection of The Sun newspaper from the Labour cause, complaining that he was not being given the opportunity to debate policy, following his speech at the Labour Party conference in Brighton.

    Following one particularly testy interview with Sky News, he attempted to walk out of the studio when still connected to a microphone, and while he was expected to remain in his seat for a second broadcast with the BBC.

    At the end of his conversation with the BBC's Sian Williams, in which he protested a number of times about the nature of the questions, he walked out while the presenter was still speaking to the studio, stepping between her and the camera and blanking out the screen.
    Miss Williams attempted to laugh off his gaffe, telling Mr Brown: “You can stay where you are if you want.”

    The Prime Minster’s impatience with the line of questioning was clear as he clashed with Sky’s political editor Adam Boulton over his refusal to confirm whether he would take part in a television debate with opposition politicians in the run-up to the election.

    Sky has campaigned vociferously for the event, and Mr Brown told Mr Boulton: “You are sounding a bit like a political propagandist yourself.”

    He went on to accuse the journalist of being “obsessed” with the Labour leadership, adding: “You have not given me the chance to talk about the economy.”

    Asked about a comment from Lord Mandelson that the public could not see through a “filter” at the Prime Minister's real character, Mr Brown snapped: “He was probably talking about the media.”
  2. probably had a load of scripted answers ready for the "economy" questions and when pressed for something that wasn't "in the script" showed what a complete twat he really is
  3. Run away! The nasty people are being nasty to me! All I say is Browny babe look at my signature block a lovely quote from V for Vendetta.

    PS Being in the hot place who has the Sun defected to this time, I presume the Tories?

  4. That's why I'd love to see the nobber on a live head to head on TV. :D
  5. I reckon Adam Boulton missed a boster of a chance there. When Gordo el Swampo complained: “You have not given me the chance to talk about the economy”, he (Adam Bolton) should have said: "Fine, let's talk about how you completely fücked that up, then".

  6. Shooting fish in a barrel, springs to mind. The bloke simply has the personality of a diseased barnacle.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its hard though, I only managed 4 mins of his Bolton interview before deciding I would probably throw myself under a train rather than get on one if I watched anymore....
  8. This morning on the R4 Today programme, Brown was being interviewed by James Naughtie. Brown kept telling Naughtie not to interrupt while he was talking. The thing is, James Naughtie wasn't interrupting which made Gordon Brown sound like a scripted fool and tosser.
  9. I bet that that's not shown on BBC News tonight! Surprised about Boulton, though, he's usually so far up New Liarbours Jacksie, all you can see is his boots - maybe now that the Sun has defected he's had orders from the top.
  10. All goes to show that even with the Prince of Darkness Labour has completely lost control of the political agenda, they are always playing catch up which makes it look as if they are not in control.

    The big problem for Brown right at the moment is that rather than talking about his wonderfulk speach yesterday every one is talking about the Scum ditching support for him, and they have no answer to being constantly wrong footed by either the media, the tories or even the limp dems
  11. The cracks are beginning to show, normally I sympathise with the mentally ill but in Cyclops's case... a painful suicide would seem the only sane course for the inept loser.
  12. He waits 12 years for the job & then does a sh1t job running(ruining) the country!
  13. I wonder if all of the TV interviewers have chucked £20 into a kitty and whoever finally gets him to snap on air wins the lot.
  14. £5 says he goes mental during Prime Minister's Questions between now and the election.

    It's going to be the mother of all temper tantrums...
  15. You're on, buddy! Can't wait. :D :D :D