Brown threatens pull out of Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Enigma266, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Perhaps Gordon Clown should stay there, and the troops pull out instead.....
  2. 'Perhaps Gordon Clown should stay there, and the troops pull out instead.....' and take the rest of the bunch of work shy forces-hating champagne socialists (aka the Liarbour Government) with him.
  3. I loath gordon Brown's oratorical flourish, where he has to end each section of his speeches with a three phrase set-piece - something along the lines of "cannot, must not and will not". It is just a really bone technique and drives me to distraction. Oh and he is a qnob and cnut too but that one expects...
  4. We should pull out. Why have we got 9000 of our youth over there dying and losing limbs for what? when there are tens of thousands of young Afghanis over here claiming benefits and doing fcukall.
  5. I was under the impression that the reason that dare not speak its name was to prevent the Jihadis establishing a regional foothold with which to take over Pakistan......

    Of course, saying this out loud would upset the Pakistanis in the extreme so diplomacy requires that other reasons must be put forward.

  6. The guy is talking shit. The cunt will never pull out of Afghanistan. He has to much to lose in the aspect of trying to impress the yanks. The guy is as much of a smarmy traitor as Blair...he just hasn't got Blairs cheesy grin.
  7. Brown is just following in Obama's footsteps of the past few days in threatening to withdraw unless Karzai cleans his act up. Will they withdraw if he doesn't? Probably not I think.

    Fcuking hilarious that Gordon 'never elected as PM, presiding over one of the most corrupt and useless governments ever' Brown is lecturing others on getting their house in order though, don't you think?
  8. They say they are scared of the Taliban/AQ taking control in Pakistan, so what would happen?

    Mumbai and Karachi plus a few other other places in that area of the world end up getting nuked (Pakistan v India).

    Maybe the game plan is changing.
  9. He has a mind to make up?
    Surely it is for the Spin Doctors to tell him what will be good for the country?
  10. Yeah. And whats worrying is that there are some parts of London under Islam right now. Christmas before last I was out on the waz with an Australian mate of mine in a part of London (dont ask me exactly where, it was not far from where DSL / Armor Group have their offices and I was as a newt) anyway, we walked about half a mile and tried 7 or 8 restaurants, but none of them sold wine. So we had to get a taxi to a restaurant that had a wine list. So better put London on the potential nuke recipient list, then?
  11. Fair point. As soon as the public kick off about anything, he changes tact. What a bloody jellyfish.
  12. I think thats a slight over estimate some how!
  13. Barefaced chee of the cnut.
    He has turned this country into a festering corrut shithole and he has the nerve to condemn any other country for following our example?
    We send thousands of troops to create democracy in Afghanistan but we aren't allowed it ourselves.
    To top it all off he wants to withdraw UK armed forces from Afghanistan in the wake of Iraq, presumably he wants Britain to look weak in the eyes of the world?

    I'm all for the UK getting out of Afghanistan but can we really afford for the rest of the world to see us as failing in Iraq and then Afghanistan?
  14. It's certainly the reason on the top of my fcuking list!