Brown: The vultures are circling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Apr 27, 2008.

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    My heart bleeds for Comrade Brown.
  2. Since so many MPs are saying they are not seeking to oust Brown, we can assume with a high degree of certainty they are indeed trying to get rid of him.

    That coupled with the fact that Blair says he is fully behind Brown, means that Brown's days must be numbered.

    Blair is to politicians what Brown is to football - everyone he overtly shows support for will be in poo.
  3. It's gettin nasty, lets tool them up then put them all in the big brother house while we get some beer and popcorn in.
  4. Contradictory quotes from Levy and Bliar, must mean that one of them is "mis-speaking". Could this end up in the libel courts?
  5. <satire on>Yes, but in the summary of his opinion, released after consultation with the PMs press office, Levy gave 1 page of unconditional support. <satire off>
  6. Yep! I said a long time ago that the 'Wheels were coming off the NU Labour Wagon!".... It looks like quite a few Junior Ministers of Pa 'Glum' Brown are getting ready to jump ship...

    Who will be next Dear Leader.... will it be Ed 'Round Spherical Objects' Balls... or the Boy David Miliband.... Gordon Brown certainly is looking a bit green round the gills..... If Uncle Boris ousts Uncle Ken in the London Mayoral elections on Thursday 1st May, and the local Elections in parts of England and Wales returns defeats for NU labour, then there might just be enough rebel Labour MPs who might demand a change of leadership. However if this was to happen, it could provoke and early General Election. After all, who wants Ed Balls or the Boy Miliband to be the next PM, and unelected by the Elecotrate at that.... :roll:
  7. The vultures lurk above the unwashed !
  8. May I respectfully suggest that he be known as David Milimong or David 'The Mong' Miliband? 8O