Brown summons COBRA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mag_to_grid, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Its COBR not COBRA (pet peeve of mine), and it meets far more often than you might think - just a nice way of overemphasising the story.
  2. They should move heaven and earth to get these people back, to show british citizens aren't to be messed with, and then have them shot as an example of the punishment for such crass stupidity as to go sailing anywhere near Somalia.
  3. it's Cabinet Office Briefing Room A (so I was told.........)
  4. Everytime, it makes me think of Action Force. :oops:
  5. Its sometimes referred to as that, but having done far too many of the damn things, I can assure you that its definitely COBR!
  6. You are quite correct, however it is occasionally referred to as COBRA with some media reporting attributing that to an acronym for "Cabinet Office Briefing Room Alpha", on the basis that meetings are presumed to be held in "Conference Room A" of the Cabinet Office main building in Whitehall.
  7. I sit corrected! but COBRA is still much easier to say
  8. Digressing slightly off thread. I have very little sympathy for that couple. The coast of Somalia is a well known haunt of pirates & yet they chose to sail in its waters in a small yacht. Potentially lifes of Servicemen may be put a risk if it is decided to try and board the Singaporean container ship that they may have been transferred to.

    It sounds callous but I also had feck all sympathy for Jackie Mann, Brian Keenan & John McCarthy who were all advised to leave Beriut by the FCO. The RAF was used to evacuate folk to Cyprus. Those 3 silly cnuts decided to ignore the warnings and stay as they liked the tax free $$$.

    Some people are incredibly stupid and don't listen to warnings and advice.
  9. Roadster - the signal address may well end with an A, but bearing in mind all the minutes and correspondence and, more importantly, staff involved, refer to it as COBR, I think the answer is pretty clear.
  10. Yeah but it's much sexier when the sensationalising (is that a word?) media whorebags on the tele’ say "The PM has summoned COBRA!" as if it were more than a bunch of grey old men getting around a table to discuss whatever shi1tefest has just occurred.

    I know this isn't the naffi but then it's heading that way anyway.

  11. Nah…

    Brown will launch a full scale offensive…

    A PR spin offensive to show people he cares and is tough…
  12. I believe its COBRA - as it was originally (and may still be...) Cabinet Office Briefing Room ALPHA?

    As for action, I agree in principal that an assault should be launched to retrieve our guys. We did in Sierra Leone. The difference here is there is no legal justification to do so. We can't just use force against another country in order to rescue them. I don't believe that the UN mandate - which allows pirates to be perused into Somalia - would legally justify a full armed intervention.

    However, if Brown chose to, I doubt there would be much criticism from the international community. Especially if the other hostages were rescued as well.
  13. Hopefully he can fund it on a shoe string then!
  14. They weren't sailing anywhere near Somalia; their route was between the Seychelles and Tanzania (presumably Dar-es-Salaam). No matter; no Western navy will offer the pirates the slightest threat, the ransom, or part of it will be paid and the Toyota dealers in Somalia will make a few more sales. Brown or his idiot representative at the FCO will make a condemnatory but entirely contemptable and laughable statement and the episode will repeat itself until the pirates try to hijack a Russian or North Korean vessel by mistake, ending their days in a red haze on the water.