Brown Still Doesnt Get It

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Powerslave, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Following on from the news about soldiers needing to buy their own kit, hence the expenses scandal, here is the latest quote from Cyclops:

    Is this man delusional or does he really think we are all incredibly stupid? :evil:

    ps Dear Gordon, please read my signature. Winston said it best!
  2. Oh he gets it alright, he just doesn't give a sh!t.
  3. With a little over 6 months left to run until he's unceremoniously evicted from no10, I genuinely believe old fart is right in his assessment - Cyclops doesn't give a toss about the tom on the ground.
  4. The trouble with Gordon is that he thinks wishing something makes it true. He's totally and utterlly divorced from reality.
  5. this is what happens when a Fecking retard is put in control

  6. True…

    If the useless cvnt couldn't even master the basic skill of driving a car, (Gordon doesn't have a driving licence), how the fvck did we end up with him steering the counntry? 8O
  7. This is going to sound like I'm defending Mr Brown but trust me, I'm not!

    You know when you are watching Rugby and the outside centre is flying along, just waiting to pop the ball out to the winger? You and the centre can see the 3 hairy arrsed sods lining up to flatten the winger as soon as his finger tips touch leather but the winger is totally oblivious? He sees only the ball and realises a split second too late that it's the perfect hospital pass?

    Bliar delivered the perfectly timed hospital pass and Broon got poleaxed by the All Blacks!

  9. whoever writes the crap that the one eyed fool rants, must be a pretty thick fecker, can't they do even a bit of research and get some of the story almost right, just once
  10. I think what he should say is that we give them the best equiptment that the UK can afford to give them ,theres a big difference. We just dont have Americas defence budget.

  11. Now we don't! We give them the best equipment Gordon is willing to fund, not what we can afford to fund.
  12. Or perhaps give them the equipment that we want to afford so that we can send money elsewhere to the needy, like India so that they can have a space program
  13. When he got his sweaty, clunking fists on the levers of power he was reported as saying he was going to bring the Armed Forces "Down a peg or two".

    In other words, the neglect, underfunding, appointment of part time or incompetent defence secretaries etc was a deliberate policy choice on his part. The resulting avoidable deaths are as much down to him as they are down to our terrorist enemies. His hatred of the forces is deeply embeded in his warped champagne socialist psyche. This is why he would never attend a repartiation parade. Not many murderers have the stomach to attend the funeral of their victims.

    Like everything else Brown has done, it has backfired on him. Underfunding and neglect of the forces is becomina a major vote loser.

    It is we who are taking HIM down a peg or two the pants wetting psycho.
  14. Now I hate Cyclops as much as the next man, in fact I don't think I could tire of driving my fist into his ugly mug. But does anyone honestly think the next mob in No10 will be any different in regards to the Armed Forces? I really would love to think they will be but I somehow doubt it
  15. Well the tories are hardly making the right noises are they? Although they are stating that they will not touch overseas aid so Indias Space Programme is safe at least.

    Politicians... all turds floating in the same sewer.