Brown Star posthomourously awarded.... any takers?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by londonirish, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,I read on the internet that Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov (1672-1729), Russian military leader and statesman, Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976), British general, and Charles George Gordon (1833-1885), British military hero, Horatio Herbert Kitchener (1850-1916), British general, and R.S.S. Baden-Powell (1857-1941), and T.E. (Thomas Edward) Lawrence (1888-1935), British soldier and scholar have all been awarded the Brown Star, posthumously.

    Is this common practice or would they have been awarded it for a specific act prior to their deaths? I`m aware of the criteria for the award of the other medals they blagged, but am a little confused as to the criteria for the Brown Star.

    If you know what they might have done, or can contribute any other luminaries from the past who have the Brown Star, please feel free to post.

    Gee, thanks
  2. Brown star? This must be a wah?
  3. No, indeed the Order of the Brown Star dates back to before the Greeks...possibly the oldest military decoration ever awarded. The majority of winners have been naval personnel I believe? The last public UK winner was Brigadier Calvert...IIRC?
  4. Yes, heard of him, (Calvert), one of my oppos, who came out after service, thought he was a top bloke.

    Thread not a wah, I just plagiarised a Septic who was posting on here asking if anyone knew who had been awarded the Bronze (sic) Star posthomously....

    Thought it might be amusing to watch a flood of posts about military gays rather than read about dead American blokes. Not a bit of disrespect intended, but this is ARRSE after all.
  5. Ahh always a pleasure to be educated. Not to mention a relief
  6. Let's not forget the man who put the Camp in coffee? MG Sir Hector "Fighting Mac" MacDonald...or indeed one of the first historically recorded recipients (or possibly awarders?) alexander the Great!
  7. Hitler was also awarded the brown star to go with his brown shirt!
  8. Blair Mayne was allegedly awarded the Brown Star in secret, his public disagreements with Brigadier Calvert were due to Calvert flaunting his (Calvert's) Brown Star credentials publicly...

    Never been proven tho...
  9. Don't ever say that to any of your fellow Royal Irish Rangers ( you probably know that you are in Maine's old regiment, him having been in the RUR ), especially if they are senior to you, as they will probably bend you over the orderly room desk and bugger you for your impudence.

    Which means you get the Brown Star!
  10. Splendid idea. Not only is homosexuality highly amusing, but I find it slightly arousing.

    By the by, I'd like to nominate this fellow for some posthumous award...Zoo...
  11. If one is to believe the innuendo in David Lean's epic Peter O'Toole film classic... T.E. Lawrence ' earned' his Brown Star after being ' captured and interrogated' by some unsavoury types relatively early in his campaign to save the deserts for the Empire... I believe the incident was played down in the film but alluded to in a number of biographies of T.E. as a ' motivating factor' in his later exploits to punish those who failed to see his Arab policies..
  12. The beauty of the Order of the Brown Star is its international character, of course. What other decoration could simultaneously adorn so many German officers in both Late Unpleasantnesses as well as a significant minority of British and French ditto?

    Imagine, Ernst Rohm and T.E.L... no, on second thoughts, don't.
  13. I thought you got it for smashing women up the shitter.
  14. No No NO! In doing so, you are awarding her the Order, but cannot claim it for yourself. The Order can only be recieved by men, from men, however, between men there is no distinction on the citation as to whether the Star is awarded for "giving" or "taking" but purely for participation.

    Alles klar?
  15. To clarify matters, in the scenario painted by Praetorian, the smashee (a woman) would receive the Order of the Brown Star. The smasher (the bloke) however would receive his brown wings - though no OBS.