Brown shows contempt for forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by julescolt_uk, Nov 22, 2007.

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  2. i think its time everyone got on board with what i have been saying for years:
    Labour are and always will be, a bag of infected monkey semen.
  3. This sums it up quite nicely except that Brown has surrounded himself with clones who have little time or interest for our Armed Forces either, let alone any military knowledge, experience or expertise.
  4. The devil and the deep blue sea -)
  5. stop sitting on the fence and say what you really mean ffs..
  6. Please remember that the following is a personal interpretation of the sitauation by someone who got himself involved in someone elses war, many years ago.

    With Iraq and Afghanistan I think that the Govt has got itself into a hole and is trying to dig its way out. Wars are expensive. If Gordon Broon has to raise taxes to pay for Blairs folly it will be deeply unpopular at a time of rising prices in other areas, food and energy for example. Foreign policy wise, it would be difficult to pull out now.

    As an ordinary member of the public I have total respect for our armed forces. But I don't want them to play World policeman any more .

    I believe that my view is shared by many people hence the tremendous welcome home experienced this week by the Vikings but the apparent apathy toward the wars.

    I may of course be totally wrong.
  7. Nothing but continual Tory muck spreading, by the Torygraph. It's the same old stuff over and over again. It's starting to lose its impact.
  8. These missions in afganistan and iraq are dependant entirly on American envolvement. With out american envolvment objectives would be impossible.

    By sending our air museam and classic truck show its gains the same almost the same poltical favour and ecoomic advantage as spending much more on newer better kit. In terms of been seen to suport americans and getting any influence it has the same outcome at a lower costs. On the domistic front its cheaper so things can be spent on stuff that is more of a vote winner. Even if a lot more money was spend and a few deaths saved it would have little poltical advantage more could be had spending the money else where (more lifes also but thats would be a not be a poltical consideration).
    So for the army to gain a bigger share of money there would have to be poltical reasons which made this be required. At the moment its proberly would not be poltically a good use of resources as money as poltical requirement is a major reasons in the allocation of resouces for it to be give more money a situation would have to be created where it was the poltically require or at least poltically a good use of resources which is proberly is not at present.
  9. Its actualy posted on the BBC site as well and we all know how pro Labour they are
  10. It's not a matter of being pro Labour (I'm certainly not), it's just the same old stuff regurgitated by the likes of the Telegraph when there's bugger all news to report.
  11. Tory muck spreading telegraph, BBC report, House of Lords?

    Where's the link? Or did I miss some irony?

    A number of the Noble Lords really went to town apparently. Cyclops got a good old seeing to.
  12. The comments were made during a recent debate, so hardly the same old "muck now is it?

    BBC News

    I am not sure on which day the debate was held but here is the link for Lords Hansard, unless Hansard is Tory muck racking
  13. Go Guthers!!!
  14. Balls, it' the same old sh*te every time just dressed up in a different wrapper. Brown holds 'contempt' for the Forces does he? Does he f*ck. He hasn't a f*cking clue I'll grant you, but I doubt he holds the Forces in 'contempt'.
  15. How do you make that summary? Firstly that article is from the BBC News Website, it's all over every news channel tonight and is a report of a RECENT debate in the House of Lords,.

    Regardless of my political affiliations, I think is a clear view of the current situation of government/armed forces relations, in particular the PM/ armed forces relations, and is futher argument for the proof of the broken/damaged covenent.