Brown sets targets for Afghanistan

Prior to a meeting in January 2010,Brown has set some more targets.After the targets for several NHS hospitals were not met-and deaths occured-should we have any confidence in this latest 'target setting?'


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I wouldnt have any confidence in brown telling me the sun had risen in the morning.
Targets?, what sort are we not killing enough insurgents,is the cost per insurgent to much.
The one eyed Scottish idiot (Copyright J. Clarkson) has been setting targets here since 1997 and look at the state we're in!
Copied from the thread: 'It's all about the Prime Minister'.

Just when you thought he had 'gone away' - like a fox - he reappears.

This time the clown pronounces that he has set:

'............. targets for President Karzai.......'.

So Karzai is is to be subject to meaningless and stupid TARGETS, just like:

The NHS, the Police, Schools and every other broken and useless organ of this broken and utterly useless government.

Meanwhile, Service personnel are killed and get very badly wounded almost daily because the 'Saviour' cannot make his mind up about:

reinforcements and equipment enhancement.

Brown deserves a public execution following a lengthy period of public humiliation!

PS: Meanwhile the real prime minister - Mr. Mandelson - is enjoying a prolonged sulk at the stately home of a Rothschild in the company of Gaddafi's son.

Has any nation in the history of mankind been so ill-served by such appalling people as Bliar, Brown, Campbell, Mandelson, Balls, Hain and the other shites?
I suspect this may be an entirely political gesture and has yet to be fully risk assessed by McKinsey.

Just think where would the NHS be today without management consultants adding excellence via industry standard best practices? Drinking the kool-aid on a gravy train with biscuit wheels that's where!

In this case it may necessary to:

o Revoke obsolete measures
o Iterate collaborative surveillance
o Revolutionize objective requirements
o Recontextualize efficient functionalities in order to
o Target frictionless partnerships and ensure we are not
o Trying to boil the ocean here

Here's a PPT I prepared for Thames Water, the situational awareness deficits in Hellmand are essentially the same...
Classic New Libour tactic…

1): Pontificate loudly that something 'must be done'… 'Edukashun, Edukashun, Edukashun'

2): Set targets to make change happen… 'All 16 year olds will leave skool with at least 5 GCSE's'

3:) When change doesn't happen, pass law to make it illegal… Government has now made it against the law for kids to leave school as thickies.

Replace Edukation with Afganistan or amy other problem as appropriate.

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