Brown sets out anti-poverty aims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 6, 2005.

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    This man is the Chancellor? 8O

    Doubling Aid? Yes ok Mr. Brown. Can we p*ss more money up the wall on Iraq too while we're at it? Sorry , I forgot, by now British Industry has some very nice fat contracts to help take the strain I presume?

    Tell me Mr. Brown , how are you going to allieviate poverty exactly?

    Africa has a tremendous appetitie for swallowing money for little or no return for the people we are trying to help, or indeed ourselves.

    So is this the NA plan for making a whole host of tinpot dictators even wealthier?

    Between our tax dollars, and the people that need the money most, are several tiers of corrupt individuals, their extended families and friends , etc etc etc.

    Will our money be tied to conditions like "Our financial people will travel to your country, and fund schemes as they see fit, we're not just going to hand over the moolah"

    Will we be parking a Destroyer in the local roads , with a convenient view of the Ruler's Palace, just to emphasise the rather dim view we take of corruption , or torture and oppression of the locals using OUR money?

    Or is this Gordon window dressing as he launches his push to be " 'ra Prime Meenester" ?
  2. Me thinks you may be right on that one PTP

    Usual ballocks from New Labour as the elction is looming, just to appease the Left wingers of the party :roll:

    Shame they can't sort out the mess that is the UK before running off and trying to sort out the rest of the world :evil: