Brown seeks global society to solve world ills New York

It appears that the honorable gentleman has caught the "love bug" that appears to be biting all world leaders in NY in the last several days. Now we have Ahmadinejad as the poster child for innocent development of nuclear programs for energy use only.

Brown seeks 'global society' to solve world ills

Posted : Wed, 23 Sep 2009 20:38:21 GMT
By : Anna Meyer

New York - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Wednesday urged world leaders to work towards a "global society" and improve cooperation on curbing global warming, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and the economic recovery. Brown said the global economic crisis of the last year had demonstrated how governments can work together to avert disaster, but he warned that cooperation was lacking on a whole host of other global issues.

If world powers could renew that cooperation, Brown said, "I believe we are in the business ... of creating a truly global society."

Brown said the world was in danger of reversing decades of success in limiting nuclear proliferation and said major powers should be prepared to adopt stiffer sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

"Let their be no ambiguity: Iran and North Korea must now know that the world will be even tougher on nonproliferation," Brown said.

He proposed a "grand bargain" in which existing nuclear states would offer access to civilian power to non-nuclear states.

Brown called on Western powers not to give up on the war in Afghanistan, warning that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups would otherwise return to the region.

"None of us can be safe if we walk away from that country," Brown said, amid wavering from other European allies after a disputed election and deadly fighting against the Taliban.

Brown also called on world leaders to join a December summit in Copenhagen that is aimed at hammering out a new global treaty to tackle climate change. He argued only the presence of world leaders could assure a strong outcome.

"Despite the progress we have made, the road to a successful outcome in Copenhagen is not assured," Brown said.

Brown said wealthy nations had to commit more funds to help developing nations adapt to climate change, as well as more aid to keep the world's poorest from plunging even further into poverty.

Brown said the Group of 20 nations summit beginning Thursday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, should agree to a "global compact for jobs and growth" and he warned against governments pulling back too soon from public spending measures to stabilize their economies.

"We do not and must not turn off the life support for our economy prematurely," Brown said.,brown-seeks-global-society-to-solve-world-ills.html
This man is deluded.He wants to sort out The Globe-but cannot sort out his own country.3 cheers for Obama refusing to meet him for a photo opportunity.Bruin is deeply involved in the disasterous appeasement of Libya,but hides behind the ''Scots Compassion'' and ''not our problem Guv'' banners.Obama is right to ignore him!
Shouldn't be any postings regarding Cyclops be moved to the "Delusional Fat B*stards" thread?
InVinoVeritas said:
Shouldn't be any postings regarding Cyclops be moved to the "Delusional Fat B*stards" thread?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS: I see the awful man is now living in Lala Land, does this mean we can have a general election?

'Global Society' - would it be based on the society he presides over in what was 'Great' Britain? If so, it will be another stupid sound-bite uttered by the abysmal oaf that will be ignored by all.

I see it reported that Mr. Mandelson wishes that the 'Clown' Brown would 'lighten up'. That he would die is probably what Mandelson really wishes.

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