Brown & Sarkozy - Government should control oil

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. Having saved the world SuperGordo wants to take control of oil prices :roll:
  2. The man is a complete fukking moron.
    If oil prices are that fundemental to economics then take off some of the 65% tax. Fuel costs are strangling the country and have been for years, it is Mr Brown's fault not the oil companies.
    W@nker that he is.
  3. Oil Prices Need Government Supervision. Producers and consumers benefit from stability.

    Of course, we already know that..... Its the bleeding Oils Futures Speculators who drive up prices at times, plus gubbermunts like A-Mad DinnerJacket's who reduce oil production to drive up prices you dipstick....

    Really Mr McRuin.... your grip on reality is very tenuous..... What you and Mr Sarkyosee are saying is all very well, but peoples live in the real world. We have to put up and live with the dipstick policies such as the likes of you and your faroucking government come up with...

    Plus all the taxes, including Fuel Duty Taxes on a Litre of Petrol and Diesel....


    Mr. Brown is prime minister of the United Kingdom. Mr. Sarkozy is
    president of France.

    Oh Wow..... I didn't know that....did you?????

    I must get out more often and go down to my nearest 'Starbucks' for a Coffee and a Donut.......... Sheeesh!!!
  4. That's the main cause, Uncle_vanya, although Brown the Clown and Midget Man don't want to admit it.

    It's been estimated that each barrel of oil was traded 27 times in 2008 even though production steadily rose. In fact, there's been no real dip in oil production since 1992.

    The simplest thing to do to achieve price stability in oil is to ban trading it as a commodity and, in particular, as a future. Job jobbed.

  5. Price controls... great. :roll:

    Like that's not been tried before and, erm, failed miserably.

    Christ, if Sarko is supposed to be on the free market end of French politics, no wonder France is totally f*cked.

    The last thing we need now is more meddling by McDoom in the market.

    This is probably your wet dream though, isn't it Bugsy? Bring back memories of your beloved ComBlock oil policies?
  6. Indeed. May I nominate the EU's glorious Common Agricultural Policy? The one that doesn't function along the lines of "supply & demand" but rather likes to subsidise a complete industry which would be unsustainable in many parts of Western Europe if left by itself. Long live price control :roll:

    I don't think Sarkozy as a "free market president" will touch the agricultural issue. Not as long as France is the biggest agro-subsidy leecher in the EU.