Brown resigning??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dave8307, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. It has been rumoured on ARRSE for quite a while now....d'ya think that the media are watching our threads (of course they are, but they're getting paid for what is speculation on here :evil:


    Fcuk me, it worked...whooohoooo I can do linkys, I can do linkys, ner, ner, nerner, ner. :D

    (thanks, mate)

    oh, fcuk it doesn't work - this will have to do until I wake up !!!!

    once again edited for mongness - this is getting a habit
  2. try the linky again dave
  3. You tease, why would the cyclops step down this close to his opportunity to roundly thrash that cad Cameron when it's taken to the population?
  4. Carlsberg don't do good news,but if they did..............
  5. Now to paraphrase the BBCs "Dr Who" (thanks to my grand-daughters)
  6. Won't happen until the Irish have had another chance to vote the "correct" way on Lisbon. They'll put him in a nappy and give him some medications to control the shaking and then prop him up at the dispatch box to read the script and answers provided by Mandelbum.

    The other option would be another change of leader without an immediate general election, and wouldn't that be funny!
  7. Cruel to raise such hopes but, much as everybody loathes the man, best to keep him in place to ensure total Labour crash 'n burn rather than simply a crushing defeat under whichever unfortunate would take over.

    It does not matter much really because whoever is in place as placeholder PM, for it of course Primandelson who holds the real levers of power.
  8. Funny you should say that....

    Rumours of a mid- speech trouser swamping were rife a few months back.
  9. He has sold his house in Fife and is staying in London :)
  10. More classic spin from the House of Broon......

    Develop a few mutterings about his mental state...

    Let some rumours slip about his PM-ships health...

    And you have the perfect background for him to declare that he will be standing down after the next election because he 'wishes to spend more time with his family'.

    Whether he is severely thrashed or not by Big Dave it allows him to retain his own deluded self-respect, he retired undefeated afterall and gives Lord Meddlesome and the survivors room for manouver post election.
  11. Of course, he will be going into the next election with potentially a country that has recovered from a short sharp recession. And the problem is, voters don't notice the economic indicators about how much debt we are in or whether our bonds have the right credit status. What they will notice is that everyone is going back to work, the shops are filling up with baubles to buy again, the massive tax giveaway (it will be so) at the budget just ahead of the election.

    Now, I am not saying he will win, but look at when Labour had the tories beaten and the champagne on ice in 1992.
  12. Don't know whether to pop the champagne or run screaming from the country - after all Mandleson might take over!
    How many times has he resigned?
    I am sure that Brown will get a cushy number in a quango somewhere or, more likely because he was a complete disaster he will be eagerly recruited by the European Union - if only to make that bunch of useless morons look half decent.
  13. I think there's a wee room in Carstairs reserved for Cyclops :)
  14. Better offer in a room at Rampton surely?
  15. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I think Mandelbum's game plan is to keep Gordon Ceaucescu going into the election, so that 5 years downstream Cameron takes the rap for not cleaning up the mess we shall then be in, hoi polloi having clean forgotten anything that long ago. Mandelbum will have noticed that Cameron has no policies and no clue what to do and is merely Blair Lite. Could work.