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Brown Really did Save the World!!

Do you seriously think that if Gordy had a grown-up reason to spaff the country's wealth away, he wouldn't have been blarting on about it ad nauseum? I don't know who's dreamt up this theory but I know I heard Brown doing an interview once in which he triumphantly exclaimed that he had reinvested some of the money raised by the sale in... the Euro (which was going through a brief good patch at the time). No Brown was not a financial genius, he was a scheming tosspot.
Don't get me wrong mate.. I do not credit Brown with any brownie points for doing this. I chose those words carefully highlighting the fact that when the biggest over credit bubble in the history of the World popped and brought down Lehman's Brown favourite soundbite at the time was 'it started in America'.

When RBS/Halifax/Northern Rock/Lloyds/Bradford and Bingley ect, fell over the world banking system was in the process of freezing up he was the one who had his apparatchiks going round telling everyone 'he had saved the world'.

In any event how could he have invested any of this money in the Euro?
Beautiful, and then we ask the question, why us? Why was there no move in the US or was it the fact that the fed was being deliberatly misled. To me at the time the sale of the Bullion made no sense and what did the treasury say?- the sale made sense because we were unlocking assets to fund labours programme and holding the gold was pointless. Come to think of it Brown has been keeping a particularly low profile in the Libor issue-wonder why?
The price of gold reflects confidence in currency, high gold as now = poor confidence. Brown artificially depressed the gold market to shore up paper currency.

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