Brown puts his clog in it in Rochdale

Priceless! :p :p Following an unplanned encounter with a perfectly ordinary labour-voting grandmother in Rochdale a short time ago, in the course of which he was challenged by her about immigration and university tuition fees and predictably fed her the usual tractor-statistics, she trotted off and he, forgetting his live-mic, promptly described the encounter as a "disaster" and her as "bigotted".
Now I watched it live and thought he got out of it well, for a deluded liar that is. But what it shows I believe is the complete disconnection between Brown and his ilk, and the ordinary man or woman in the street. For him to thnk she was "bigotted" for asking the sort of question that is on the minds of virtually everybody in the country who isn't a paid-up New labour clone is surely a mark of just how detached and utterly strange Broon really is. We shouldn't be surprised of course. :D :D

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