Brown proved to be a liar...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GUNGA, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Moral generalisations are, as it happens, more difficult to spot, which is not to say that they are in any way difficult to spot. A specific question on the level of equipment available to troops in Afghanistan was met with this response (from Brown): "We are determined to do everything we can for our troops in Afghanistan."
    George Orwell had a neat little trick, which I rather enjoy employing in these situations. For any statement a politician makes, simply invert its logic. If the resulting sentence is politically impossible, then the statement is without meaning. The inversion of this sentence is: "We are non-committal about doing everything we can for our troops in Afghanistan." Saying such a thing would be political suicide, and the sentence is therefore meaningless, according to Orwell's law.

    This is an extract from an excellent analysis on Yahoo News today. It shows how dangerous Brown's tactics have become for democracy and how what he says is meaningless lies. Not that we didn't know that before.

    Also a chilling picture without the false grin...
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    Why did you post this in current affairs? Its not news that Brown (an idiot) is a liar. I doubt if he has ever knowingly told the truth, I've certainly never heard him.
  3. Cyclops Brown as a Creature of the Labour Party. A typical Liar-bore 'Apparatchik', he like all previous Labour administration, have always had a rather strained relationship with the UK Armed Services.

    This ranges from total contempt, to total indifference. So McDoom, true to his political psyche and 'Flawed Psychological' profile, he is true to that contempt. The TV pictures of him being questioned by the Armed Services Sub-Committee, his body language showed contempt and denial like an Alkie about the military situation.

    Brown just spouts whatever happens to be suitable to his puposes at the time. Even polishing Turds as hobby is what he should take up. He's is as much use, as has been stated many - a 'Fart In a Gale'.... 'A Choclate Teapot'.... A 'Right Farouking Wnaker..!'...... und so wieter... :p :? :)
  4. Why was a deep and meaningful analysis of the content required to prove that Brown is an 'Aldridge'? I can give you conclusive proof of every lie that passes his lips..........the cunts lips move!
  5. I believe it puts into words what many people instinctively feel. He never tells the truth his whole discourse is weasel words. I think, particularly at this moment, when the lives of troops in the field are at stake it is particularly outrageous to be 'economical with the truth.' However, rather than sheer bluster and obscenities this is a reasoned account of why Brown is an absolute disgrace. As some body said elsewhere he should be given a bottle of whisky and a Webley. Of course, we know he wouldn't take the honourable course :)
  6. I thought this was going to be something new